Resources Sharing - Donate for Fun

How about we have the ability to share some resources (gold coins, gems, perls, hero items, etc.) to our friends or alliances who played RR2. Of course, it tastes better if gained with your own hands but this is just for camaraderie purposes. It’s better to give than to receive, right?

Then, I will have many fake account.


But I think SELL your resource will be more interesting, with minimum cost that game already set.

Because Item that you don’t use will be valuable for other, sell grandma just gain 10% of it’s cost. Why don’t sell to other?

Well, my friend of mine is in need of trophies to reach a certain number for Gem reward on the Quest (Like the quest, ‘Reach 900 Trophies for 20 Gems’). I dropped 200+ trophies to his Kingdom just for him to get to the point where he could retrieve the Quest reward.

That’s what I meant. Although I regularly sell unused itmes on my Inventory.


@11thson, nice idea, but as Zoname pointed out it will encourage users to make many fake accounts and redistribute food and the gifted gems to a main account, ploughing will take off in a huge way.

Enlightened. Thank y’all my liege. :grinning:

Also would make it even easier for people to transfer items they have farmed for monetary gain as is already happening now.

The intent of idea is not to exploit the game or other users for personal and monetary purposes but basically sharing and camaraderie. But if others will use it for greedy reasons, might as well not implement it.

Surely, Flare have other ways and of providing users total satisfaction.


well, the idea is good.