Would be advantageous for rep of Flare in house personnel to at least acknowledge these suggestions and RESPOND. Would think it would help community growth of game also. The only 2 categories they should respond to is this and bugs one. All else would be ignored which should be easy for them since they are doing a great job of that now.

I agree, we should get at least a response on ONE of these suggestions, but instead we don’t get any, other than the times when Gala locks the thread for going off-topic.

Here’s the thing though: We know they read the topics, and locking threads is one way that we know this, the other is listening to when they say, “We see your suggestions and are talking about them” (or something like that, I don’t really remember what it is that they say). Anyway, my point is, even though they don’t respond, which is annoying, they do read the suggestions. But yeah, I totally want more response from the team. It’s not at all encouraging to have no responses

Guys, we are always here – lurking around and reading everything. 

Apologies if sometimes we can’t engage directly, but rest assured that all your feedback is very valuable and gets considered all the time. 

Thank you for all your ideas and feedback. 

So you guys keep saying, but the evidence shows otherwise that you are not reading everything.
Theres even numerous posts on this, that you need to provide more feedback, and they get ignored.

See here latest example below. 2 previous identical threads, no response from FG. Then this one below gets a reply which contradicts what support has advised.
And yourself and Gala no response. How long could it take for you to write up a quick reply?

It would save more time to reply, than it would now for you to read all the followup stuff (if you actually did read it all).
and now your support staff will field more queries, since you do not respond. And the same future queries instead of the community being able to assist _saving you time _it will get dragged out again, and more support staff queries and time.



That is not the whole truth.

Flaregames still misses out on answering important threads. A lot.

Gala the Closer is working from home in France if I got that right. Meh!

Keen Flare Devs do not really seem to be answering which would be important for fast and competent answers. Only useless FG stuff here. But obviously Archimedes thinks everything is great again. 

 The truth is, there still is no real work with community here. Sadly, not a lot of reasons for players to contribute in Forums.

Actually, I’ve been really happy with how often I’ve been getting responses from Flothaboss. 

He responded to one of my most recent posts with:

“We will do.”

Honestly, I think their communication has been pretty solid. 

And they do need to be someone choosy in responding otherwise they are just encouraging people who need attention.

I would disagree with that. Having a disregard for lower end players is a mistake. Just focusing on the problems that the top players are complaining about is not healthy for the game. Without all those new lower, mid players the game will fold. It also creates massive balance problems through out the levels of play. Also Floth in my opinion is not the personnel that I was referring to. If players in this game were given even 1% of what he has gotten from Flare would improve the morale and gaming experience.

If I were Community Manager I would MAKE THE FORUMS GREAT AGAIN!! 

First off thanks for the assumption that I’m a top player, but I am not, and never will be.

I don’t have enough time for the game for that.

Being a mediocre player though here’s a link to several of the different suggestions I’ve made that are already implemented in the game.

They do listen to everyone.

the problem is the opposite, if you look at their responses on forums, pretty much all of the responses are to lower end players with rubbish queries and suggestions. They are very rarely acknowledging top players / knowledgeable players posts and people who are trying to assist the community with good information. Once in blue moon we get a useful reply.

sure every game should also look after lower and middle players, but no game thrives without looking after the top end. And more to the point on the forums they are disregarding pretty much everyone. That’s not to say they are not doing stuff, we can see they are making changes in game, but the community relationship aspect is poor.

I have posted my link to the other thread as one example, but to me the worst is their response to the Wiki. Pellez (had) put in a lot of effort to the wiki, and it is a great tool for the community. When he asks for a little bit of help from flare the response is terrible. It would be such little effort to just provide the patch notes / change values, instead for stuff like say recent hammerstrike change, im not sure how they expect the veterans to find the exact new value for the 2nd highest level if they have it maxed. What do they want us to do - level up a new account to find the new value? I guess you have to delete your current account to do this since multi accounts are against the ToS.

so i got a response from support in :

which contradicts Archimedes post, and really doesn’t seem like they are reading everything at all

or reading and ignoring to “build community relations.” really don’t understand the thought process behind making incorrect statements and then going quiet.
if you don’t read and consider everything why even bother saying you do, don’t think most people would expect most of the rubbish here to warrant being brought up with devs / considered anyway.