Rest or pause during the conquest

Hello, my idea is that during the conquest, automatically activate a cooling or pause, (every day) for all alliances, during that time you will not be able to move, or build (nobody will be able to do anything), the only thing that will follow its course will be the investigations and the collection of resources, example if you are a mine owner this will continue to produce stone during the break or cooling the players will be filled with energy, it will be as if the soldiers rest. The pause would be 12 hours and ¨flaregames¨ would decide the most appropriate time but it should be 12 hours of frenetic activity and 12 of rest, with this the generals and the leader will be able to rest and do their activities without the conquest becoming a nightmare … example to be able to go to sleep. * If a battle was in progress this will also be paused and when returning the fighting will continue. The map of the conquest will be visible and you can, if you like, enter and plan what the strategy will be when you end the break, taking into account that there will be stone and wisdom stored. If this idea were implemented it would be necessary to touch up some things, for example the construction time since it would be less active time than we would have in the conquest would be advisable to reduce the construction time. I think that the first day of conquest the conceit would not be necessary, but rather from the second day. This is an idea and it would be great to add more thoughts to enrich it, I know that I miss details but as I repeat it is an idea that must be polished. Unfortunately I do not speak English and I use a translator which limits me a lot.

No way…bad bad idea


Hello friend, why is a bad idea a break during the conquest? At least for leaders and generals it is quite difficult to be online and sometimes you go to sleep for a few hours and it is a disaster when you return.

OK, lets suppose it’s implemented 12 hours will always be unfair for a part of the globe, so it must be >12h. Aha and here we go again… What is stopping you to go to sleep? I feel that conquest is less and less action packed, less fight and even less since soldier restriction, (i’am still not happy but well). This pause concept will push all event back by at least 5 days, conquest will last for 10 days then, rewards will take mush more time to get. Also we will have less events and rewards per month, i don’t like this. Outside of events i have the feeling there is less to do in the game, like every player is dull, just my feeling? Many want quick rewards in this game, me too:)

This is a bad idea simply because alliances are not in the same time zones. Suppose, for example, you have 4 alliances all in the US…a 12 hour break would definitely work out well for them. BUT if 2 of the 4 alliances were in Asia and 2 were in Eastern US (maybe poor example, but just say opposite sides of the world for time zones), when the 12 hour break took place, 2 alliances would be able to get a lot of stuff done and 2 would not, depending on which time zones were “shut down” during the break. (And a rotating 12 hour break is too much to ask as well since what would happen when players are in the middle of a battle since we all know what happens when the servers lose connection during battles…skulls lost, XP lost, medals lost, food lost, etc…so nope, rotating breaks aren’t the solution either.)

Since no one has ever been literally tied to their computer/phone/tablet during conquest, and no one is a solitary member of leadership (meaning there are more than just the leader or a solitary general), there is nothing stopping anyone from taking a break from the game. Also noted, the game will shut you out for a period of time if you remain constantly online for more than 3 hours (forgive me if I have forgotten exactly just how long, but I believe it’s 3 hrs 15 mins, could be wrong, though).

So common sense should prevail, no 12-hour mandatory break in conquest, please. Just shut the game off, get some rest, let your brain reset, and then you can think clearer with better strategy when you return to the game. :rr2advisorhappy: