Restrict attacks !

Flare, please limit the fight 10 fights per month for a single player. This player has attacked me for a year and has made at least 700 attacks on me 



700 a year - 2 attacks a day is not a lot.

he’s barely taking any gold from you, just some trophies - so seems like his attacks are doing you a favor so other people are less likely to attack and take your gold.

10 attacks per month :wink: sorry but it won’t happen 

it is a game…

I used to have someone attack me again and again. It’s fine to take some gold and trophies away, just a little bit boring to see the same history again and again and again…

You mean something like this :slight_smile: . To be fair, I attack himoften too. The only difference is that I only attack him when he have 400k gold or more and I beat him 100% of the time. I can event beat him with my 250% gold set.

You should consider leaving the game. Unloading that many trophies on you is too much :wink:

I know, but since it’s been a month since he started  thos daily attacks it’s kinda too late to quit now. I feel like we share something special and lets face it,  he helped me to witness my defense forge progression. I mean he used to have 100%, two time out of three a month ago, now he beat me one time out of ten.

He also made me discover un bunch of other alliance as he change alliance at least daily.

10 fights per month? hope you are not serious when you say this. No chance that happen. If you don’t have understand well the concept of the game well its a Tower Defense. So that means you must attack and be attacked. You can do 3 attack (4 via matchmaker) per hour. So what you got its nothing. You are really lucky. Some player can attack 50 times a day so maybe around 16k time in a year. So your little 700 is nothing

I have attacked in the past a player non stop for a entire 8 month or more at 15 attack or more each day. its not my fault he have like 800k each 30 minutes. He have quit the game but that happen.

Also be lucky you have found a defense helper. This guy will help you to improve your defense. So you should thanks him via friend request or on a chat,etc… A nice guy :slight_smile:  

Who know maybe if your defense become really hard he will spend gems on you.

So you had a golden goose and you killed it, basically. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care much lol. in this game you can find those players enough easy. I call them ‘‘Bank Player’’ the kind of player who always be full and don’t have good defense and don’t care about their defense and lose gold. that was in the past, today I don’t know if player still continue to be really active and be full non stop and give 600k or more each 30 minutes.

@Flash jaki masz nick w grze? może coś uda się zaradzić :slight_smile: