Restricting the beast viewing before the attack.

I think only celestial Phoebe creates trouble for more players. Viewing every beasts during attack kills the excitement and a surprise factor. So how about creating beast slots. Eg lets say 2 slots. So if a player fills any 2 beasts, he can only preview only those beasts. Castles with other beasts will show nothing and give no information about the beast.

To change the beast in slots Gems can be charged.

This will bring some excitement during attack. 

In given scenario after sometime, more alliances will have only phoebe because most will be avoiding to fight phoebe  and fighting phoebe will be monotonous.

So to give some balance to phoebe less alliances, to equate the power of phoebe instead of nerfing it down  , give other beasts the surprise factor which is entirely chosen by the player. 

This will create more variety in defences and makes other beasts also useful.

Nice idea. I would put phoebe and fritiz in it.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you mean the beast preview before the attack? If so, it’s a terrible idea. If you want excitement just don’t check the preview before fighting. 

It also makes the defence  little bit better, typically the phoebe less defences.

I think it should stay as it is, i don’t want to be surprised by a Phoebe.

This feature gives a better opportunity to build a good counter force 

You can put phoebe in slot to preview the beaset while raiding, According to the post the 2 beast that are most deadly or you think they are deadly you can preview only those two by putting those in slot A and slot B.


Ok and then how many times can you change slots? 

If i can’t find what beast there is i can just change my slots to see what best there is…

That way you’d have to use gems to change the beast in slot. The reall point behind this idea is that beast preview should be disabled. Why? So we can have a little anxiety before beast is faced.

Ok so this feature should give advantage to those who pay?

This is not fair. And you can also miss click and spend gems for nothing. Well it should stay as it is

I said Gems( 3,5,10, or any nominal amount) can be used so that people don’t abuse it. Otherwise there is no point in bringing  this feature. 

Miss clicking is possible in every situations. 





Yea possible but i think what really could bring more variety is to buff some other beasts, because actually you just always find the same 2-3 beasts.

Heck, I’m surprised every attack, know why? Cause I NEVER click the beast preview button. I always forget. It’s not a big deal. Basically every base has Phoebe so it’s not like it really matters. I can guess the beast correctly 90% of the time lol. Cause that’s how often I face Phoebe

Same here, I am more than 800 trophies down you and still 90% phoebe. I have only problem with phoebe when it appears in the opposite lane killing my troops and me in the end. 

Maybe you folks are having high trophies.So you will be facing Pro beasts or Phoebe most of the time. I am just a 2100 trophy guy. For me getting Phoebe is 2 or 3 out of 10. 

I killed him. used the healing magic and the Arblasters.

I killed him. 



You don’t face phoebe often? Then that’s a good thing, get a good gear and kill it whenever you face it… If you don’t want to check beast before attacking a base then you should be prepared to kill the best thing currently

You can use boosted archer, cannons with shield and monks… It’s not that hard.

But if you can’t, check the map before attacking like many bases are designed for beast to attack from side lane, you can scream your army till beast passes that point…

Thanks for the tips to kill Phoebe but this post is on giving some chances to other beasts in defence.

What i am hypothesising is,

Since flare has has given opportunity to view all beasts, most alliance will go for phoebe because it is the most powerful beast in the current scenario even you preview it. Getting phoebe is little bit easier than earlier due to pro chests from conquests. So after sometime its  going to be  only phoebe all the way.

This preview makes other beasts even less  useful because we know what we face and its weakness too. So by restricting the beast preview (see the first post) , it can encourage the alliances to farm other beasts such as Fritz, Aki, Bella,Eris etc. This will create some variety in defences and some fun in attacking.

This method indirectly gives some advantage to other beasts(may be 16 without adding Nemesis), because we  don’t know what is coming  or its weakness.

Last thing is, this will slow down or stop “Phoebefying”  of all alliances(Mid and High level).


Defence is hard nowadays and that would make it more hard in that way. And yeah many many top players use Howl.