There is no difference between the veteran and the footsoldier now, I suggest to deprive the footsoldier of the ability to use all blessings of the alliance. And then the officers will have a very effective means of punishing all the disobedient. ?

I don’t think its a good thing to restrict someone to use blessing. Its not really a change in the game I want to see. So you suggest to be a veteran to use Blessing? I don’t think its a good idea. I will not promote everyone in the alliance just to allow them to use blessings. Strange suggestion O.O

Nothing strange really. For now players get all the benefits of the Alliance without making any effort, just on the fact of their joining. I suggest to make an intermediate stage between joining the Alliance and the moment when they will be able to get something from the Alliance. In General, they must deserve these blessings first, like any other advantages, that’s all.

thanks god no one have bring this worst idea in RR2 section or think about it or its a long time RR2 will be dead and under the grave. What the hell this worst idea come from? Anger? I know its frustrating that some abuse of the boost but in RR2 too. No one was dead after 4 years and no one have complain of this. oh my god what next? its the most strange suggestion ever seem for OR or RR2. I don’t believe to see this O.O

What next? you will ask only the founder or general can activate blessing? or if someone don’t come after 24 hours he is auto kicked? or I don’t know what worst can we hear to add a auto kick selection restriction if someone don’t give 1 Million by example he is auto kicked after 1 week. what you think about give a restriction to everyone. Only level 130 can use blessing? what you think?

is horrible oh my god. I don’t believe what I read. Non sense 

You remember me LacunaC on RR2 who have always bad idea each week and the only thing she try to do its kill even more RR2.


Believe that already. This is real. ?

I agree it would be nice to see some differentiation though I’m not sure blessings would work.  People demoted would just leave the alliance.  But something would be nice though I don’t have a suggestion just now ?

To become a footsoldier in another one? ?

Really?  Is that what you think would happen? lol




You all have valid arguments.

The solution would be to create another rank called  Mercenary  ? or Recruit  ?.

Excellent point, as always. ?

I also see @Morgul 's idea as a deterrent to alliance hopping. I know of players who checkout the blessings (i.e., pink circles around towers & pick BGs on units) of the opposing alliance during war & switch allegiance right in the middle of the war. If they have to start from Foot Soldier (or, lower “Cadet”) without blessings, that might give them pause. Those who manage alliances know the disruption caused by alliance hopping. 

This feature should be in the game.

Recently gems rewards and war blessings that top teams have won just escalated the issue of Alliance hopping but thankfully I play in a team which is as old as the game itself and its all members are loyal and have been playing OR since its debut in 2016.

But Not every allaince is blessed with such members.

Maybe you have right after all. Its something like this we need in RR2 to stop jumper. Someone who are only foot soldier should not access to a blessing. Can sound too much drastic method but after read in OR everywhere that you have also jumper. I got the experience too in my previous alliance. Well you must have a rank of veteran to start to use blessing. For this you must acquired this rank by your general/founder after donate and help in a War season

However you must think too about the consequence in long term. Like donation bonuses where for me was a bad add in the game. Will make too much player quit. if by example I don’t know if by example 80% of players abuse of boosts and decide to quit the game because they become foot soldiers. Still maybe just 20% of players in the game

Its a good idea but maybe with huge impact if Flare add this in the game. You must take the place of the one who don’t really like this idea. If tomorrow I am a foot soldier of course I will do everything to be veteran but not all have time and passion at this point

50/50 good and bad at same time. Already its hard to keep new players to keep playing. Something like this will not help. I am tempting to keep thinking this idea is really bad and will provoke a dead state in OR like RR2

Well, my friend, even as you empathize with clan-hoppers, may I respectfully request you to consider the stress that such uncooperative behavior of a few clan members have on the alliance founders who have put so much hard work to build their alliance from nothing. Blessings are paid for through the nose with the Gold (efforts) of all members. They add each new seat with great care. The seat occupied by a clan hopper could have been used for another committed one who would help the alliance grow. Clan hopping is extremely harmful to young alliances, whose founders get demotivated & quit. That’s a far greater loss to an MMORPG game. I joined my first (and current) young clan when I was just AL30, and I already saw the brutal toll each exit took on my founder. I have become very protective of him now. Perhaps, your clan is established enough that there are no leeches there. Fortunate for your founder. ☺️

OR has 3 distinct modes: PvE, PvP & Multiplayer. IMHO, those who don’t want to fight others have the Odyssey. Those who want to fight 1-on-1 have PvP (the default mode). Multiplayer is for players who want to collaborate with other like-minded players as a team. This is applicable to all MMORPG. So, I don’t understand how OR will lose players if we make it hard for leeches & rambos to be in a collaborative alliance. Won’t they just go back to PvP? Pray do help me understand. ?

Yeah, this is the perfect thing about a game with 3 modes like OR! If you don’t like one of the modes, for instance the Multiplayer, one can just fall back to PvP or PvE. For those who don’t want to risk getting revenged, then the Odyssey is for them. There’s a mode for every kind of player, and it’s great. RR2 has this and other games like Fortnite have this as well and this is what make those games great!

i means we all know RR2 or OR contains players who abuse of the alliance to use boosts,etc… its a fact. What I means by lose players maybe its just me who think wrong but its obvious if you put restriction. OR will lose at least 40% players if no more. No one like to be restricted to use a feature in the game. Like I say if tomorrow everyone becoming foot soldier and have no more blessings. its obvious they will quit the game. I don’t know how i can explain well. Its just obvious the number of player who will quit will be huge 

yeah maybe when you join a alliance of course if for help them. Doing War Season and all. We all know its not simple like this. Some players have familly, must hurry and don’t have much time to play. So they prefer not doing the War Season or any event. My opinion is based of what we see in RR2. Player who join alliance and do nothing. So if you restrict them the use of blessings. This will add more consequence then benefit. Because its not everyone who have the heart to invest too much in a game just to show to the founder. Look at me I am active. Make me veteran.

I means tomorrow or in a next update this is added in the game. Make sure I will dismantles my alliance. I will not force anyone to prove me anything. And I have nothing to prove to anymore. So at 100% I will play solo.

If you’re gonna restrict players from using the blessings, then you might as well kick them from the alliance

If some of you have problem with those players in your alliance. Just kick them. Problem solve. At the moment they don’t participating or donate in alliance. Kick them. that work too

Edit : Ok during the time I washed my dishes in my kitchen. I have think about a counter proposal better than the OP one. Who will not force or make feel any players like a shit or like a happy puppets who must obey his master. restriction stink really. I hate so much restriction. But if by miracle this is added in the game. I don’t want the restriction is related to a specific rank. Its stupid

in alliance in management the general/founder can add in a special section under Alliance Requirements name Blessings Requirements. You can set the level,trophy or if they need to do like 10k,20k or 100k VP to access blessings. After the general/founder can add if the players become inactives for 7 days and by miracle he come back he lose the blessings and must restarts the requirements. At least he will less drastic than related to a specific rank for all Alliance. The requirement will be individual

So if some general/founder don’t like this feature then they will not use it. so win win for everyone

So if some want to play OR like it is right now they will do it without any restrictions. some who want to use this feature will do it. So you don’t force everyone to use it




This is amusing, given that I have actually requested my founder to NOT promote me until I have learned much more about the game. In fact, I have striven for further delay in growth by requesting FG for 15 more levels in promotions. So, thanks for the tickle, buddy…! ?

Of course, termination is an option, but a last resort. And, they will promptly move on to continue the cycle in another alliance. 

What @Morgul is asking for here is a pre-termination “warning” level. Isn’t that a more humane option—to give the errant player a final chance to reform before permanently terminating (and banning, perhaps)? And, please, we are not discussing “players” here, we are discussing “leeches” (who spoil it for everyone, be it multiplayer games, torrents/ P2P sharing, or paying taxes). Nonetheless, IMHO, they could be given one last chance,… in a “no-blessing level”. Remember, they still get to leech the Gold bonus. 

Albeit, it’s up to FG to decide, as they know best the real (not manufactured) consequences of accepting this suggestion. ☺️

@AriesRising read my previous post I have edited it :grinning:

If there is a punitive/ first-level membership as the OP requested, you still can avoid using that feature… just promote every new member to the second level which has blessings. This way, your new member feels Grrreat for the instantaneous promotion, and you get to avoid the zero-blessing level altogether… You happy, new player happy, … win-win. ?

For the majority of the alliances that discourage clan hopping, the default entry-level zero-blessing feature still helps to retain their own flock & filter new, casual browsers. The new player sees the Blessings & joins, but works for the promotion to earn the blessings, and then cooperates with his team mates to avoid being put back into “the hole”. Player grows. team mates happy, … great win-win.  ☺️