Resume the game, not reload

Many of us experienced the game crash, bad connection, connection lost, etc. These errors made us lose the already won battle, precious food, trophies, medals, time and many things. Every time the errors occurred, the game will reload and we’ll lose everything. You already lose tons of players just because of this. None of us can be happy.


So, instead of reload the game, please just resume the game where we were i.e. between the battle or waiting for the chamber of fortune. You just need to add some checkpoint so we can get back when the game crashes.


To prevent cheating and abusing, you may add some time limit e.g. 60 seconds, so we can get back in time, and actually we do get back in time every time the game crash.


You already allow us to pause the battle for some seconds, so I suppose it’ll be fine to resume the game from a checkpoint before the game crash.

Good in theory. But what about people who come back online…surely you can’t just continue to raid them. I’ve only lost connection a couple of times out of hundreds of battles. I think their servers are fantastic. Considering they just “PORTED” to windows it’s practically error free. Technically flare are sublime in my opinion. They should be able to check whether it’s their fault or your connection.

Once you disconnect there’s I think 1-2minutes the game tries to reconnect. Compared to my past experiences, disconnect and its over. At least they try to connect?

If I recall correctly Jona said if you’re disconnect during battle then whatever gold you raid up to that point will be added after you log back in.But I usually only got disconnect at chamber due to poor connection.The game works with very slow connection but must be consistent , 1sec lost connection and its over.

1 sec lost connection - game tries to reconnect you’ll see the loading sign. So no it’s not over after 1 sec.

@weebo: If I can reconnect the game in time before they’re online or attacked by someone, then let me keep raiding them, it’s still better than nothing. If they’re online, just consider it’s my bad luck.

It’ll be much better in dungeon battles, one lose = tons of breads gone and nothing gained.

Also it helps in case the game crashed / connection lost before I reach the chamber of fortune. I’m really want to visit that chamber and test my luck.


No, they don’t. I noticed that when their servers are offline e.g. in a server update/maintenance period, the game couldn’t connect to their servers and it asked me to check my Internet connection.


@Kipps: There are two types of errors: game crash (is forced to close) and connection lost. When the connection is lost it’ll show the init game loading screen and try to reload the game. However, it’s just the same with game crash: it reloads the game and you get nothing.


@Fii Nami: Yes, I read that too. They may store the checkpoint on their game servers i.e. the last battle data they receive, then let us resume the game whenever we can get back within 1 minute or less.

I lost connection for a few seconds during raids a few times, but connection was back before I reached the castle gate, and meanwhile the attack was going on as usual, no problems there.

For connection lost at the end of the raid, I mostly see a “bad connection” warning overlayed on the victory/end-of-raid screen for about 10-15 sec during which the game tries to find connection again, and if that is not successful, then it will move on to the “connection lost” screen with the intro/loading background. Sometimes I then get the rewards earned so far, sometimes I just lost that and trophies like in a 0%-attack (especially in the last week).



When player A attacks player B (B being offline at that time), the maximum loot (ML) that A can gain through his attack by a 100% victory is deducted from B’s gold and “reserved”. When A fails to get a 100% victory, part of the reserved gold is given back to B. When in the meanwhile B comes online, he’ll see the lowered gold amount, as well as an additional symbol (a pair of swords if I recall correctly), right next to his gold display and the “add gold-shield” symbol, on the left top of the screen. When clicking that additional symbol, the queen tells B that someone currently tries to steal ML gold from them. If A gets less than 100%, at the end of the raid, B will get a popup window saying “we could save [some amount between 0 and ML] gold”, and B’s gold display will increase again.

So, when B comes online while A is raiding B, A can continue as if B were still offline. If A gets a connection lost, but is able to reconnect within a short time span, why not let B continue the raid either?


Also, for pausing, there is a time limit - once I had to pause a raid several times and during one of the pauses (after maybe half a minute or so?) the end of raid screen appeared, as if the raiding time was over - so, maybe a similar time limit could be applied to resuming an interrupted raid.


Though, I guess it could be problematic to recover the whole current state of a raid after an interruption. As you can raid someone with constant but very slow internet connection, I guess only a limited amount of status data gets actually synched with the server?

While raiding I haven’t encountered the game crashing. Usually just disconnection problems.

Crashin in my case only occurred mostly during the fb invites. Now I only get some crashes on the kingdom screen which is just a minor annoyance

Good job,well done 😊