Retreat button - pet peeve - raid or die! Right?

Anyone else hate the retreat button? In the heat of a battle your fingers are moving fast you go to hit the scream button and oooops you hit the pause button…no big deal EXCEPT YOUR FINGERS ARE MOVING FAST, OOPS… You hit the retreat button by mistake…there goes your raid, your bread, your trophies take a major hit… You scream out loud! There is nothing you can do.

Just saying WHY, WHY is there a retreat button? You raid to win or die in this game! Who wants to retreat!!!

Certainly it doesnt make sense. I use it when im trying to test something in my own base and i screw up.

Lets say it I lost plenty of fights that way.Not telling you how many gems unnecessary thrown away . Sometimes Im wondering why this game cant be a normal game …just normal.If you test your own base or your colleagues makes sense to stop your raid ,etc. But when you go for the win using your bread , that retreat button is absurd .

  I mean really Flare get things sorted out. 

For testing it is nice but -why- not make it so you -start- a raid in test mode so you have the option but there is noooo way the option of retreat comes up in a real raid. At my level when you hit the retreat button by mistake you can loose over 50 trophies in one blow.

Hey Dels!


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

We will take it into consideration for the further development of the game.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific date when your suggestion might be implemented in the game.


We hope you still enjoy the game despite this issue!