You do realize this is a tower defense game where you are expected to raid and work on offense plus defense? 

Now why would this game not focus on that part? Why on earth conquest should not focus on raiding, fighting, conquering and even defending on the right moment? If you don’t like wars, this might not be the right game where you have fun. Candy crush is not my kind of game, I like strategy, tactics plus raiding when needed and that sounds like conquest.

Conquest demands a lot of time on moments that you don’t have time, when you are general or leader like me. Time consuming is in no way grinding. So let’s focus on raids, can wars be grinding during conquest?

During conquest you need energy to move and to fight. So say you move first to a war tile and do your raids. First you need to get there and hope to have remaining energy, unless you are the one who declares a war or war is declared against. In case you really have more troops during a war and win easily by SV, it will cost you not a lot of energy and you can decide to jump on another war, but you can also let energy restore. The cool down of 3 hours on that tile plus additional 10 minutes per member will give you that time. So you decide when to join another war. 

Now let’s focus on that grinding part. Due to limitation of energy, you need to move over terrain that most times costs you a lot of energy, unless wars are very close next to each other and you are part of a war that last already several hours and full energy is restored in the meanwhile. enemy terrain however takes away more energy, so I don’t think anyone will have enough energy to grind. There is no other way than wait to let energy restore. Sounds not like grinding to me that situation, that waiting time till a war ends is a killjoy. 

So you win the war and jump to another one. Only when you are part of a group that jumps to tile after tile nearby and bring the team SV after SV this can mean you need to do a more raids than usual. Now don’t tell me that it’s a killjoy when you win war after war in a relative short period of time. Being locked up on the contrary can be a killjoy during a war, but that’s not grinding, it’s just waiting till war is over. 

The only situation that you need to do a lot of wars in relative short period of time is scoring a lot SV in a relative short amount of time. And winning wars in a short period of time could feel like grinding for you, but it’s no killjoy, since winning those wars should bring you pleasure. and that’s what it is all about in games, having fun. In any other normal situation you simply will run out of energy fast. 

Realistically there is nobody forcing you to play, you decide when to play and when you have times. When team doesn’t respect that and demands you to be online more often, you are not in the team where you should be, private life should be respected. 

You should have seen our conquest, since day two just started, wars till end of conquest on multiple spots, just because another team didn’t accept our generous peace offer and attacked us on multiple tiles. In the end we had enough of it and we became offensive and let them feel where it hurts most. But also there no moment I and my team mates had the feeling of grinding. On the contrary, all members where having fun, chat was exploding even. That’s normal when you are on the winning side. but chat would also be exploding when we are on the losing side, members of my team than see it as their duty to bring more by their own will, we have main rule, private life comes first. 

Yes, we also had boring conquests, no raid at all required. And during those conquests some member not even come out of the stronghold or are just wandering around the map, really boring, a killjoy.

Can I even take the word grinding in my mouth? When we consider the team fighting at multiple spots, we might speak of grinding for the team, but not as individual player. You focus on doing your task and as general I also do discuss our next moves with leader plus other players. Most times you did your raids and in case of fighting 2- players you keep some fights in reserve. It’s waiting till war ends or when you are just on the map without energy, you wait till enough energy is restored to move. Sounds more like being bored by waiting being locked in wars than main aspect of the game, and that is fight.

The conquest doesn’t even gives you the opportunity to grind, due to energy limitation, only in very rare occasions you can fight a lot of times in a row and then the joy of SV after SV should be celebrated. And that’s why we asked to limit the energy, so that players aren’t forced to play 24/7. Once energy is depleted, it will cost you 10-12 hours to let it fully restore. If you take less time to recover, you just can’t efficiently help your team. I also had it, ran out of energy, then needed to wait for energy to do another raid. That’s also not grinding. You can’t move to a tile much further away and help if you don’t take that time. A killjoy maybe, waiting for energy to restore, but a must to prevent you to play many hours per day. 

Definitely grinding this can’t be called, you just don’t have energy to grind during conquests. Since players are limited by energy, that grinding part won’t be the case. Real grinding was during first years of wars, unlimited fights against any opponent where only limitation was food. That was definitely grinding, conquest certainly not.

Wars according to me are better than walking like zombies over the map, waiting until conquest finally is over, that’s boring and depressing. 

I cant believe u wrote all this text just because I told u that I dont like grinding!!!

Grinding is when u have to do the same thing over-and -over again , which lets face it …it s boring.

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…thank u