Retrieveing original name

 I left my alli and changed my name , so why cant I get it back? or how do I ? It isn’t like someone who keeps changing to different names , It is my Original and really want it back , please help . I f there is no way , Flare should change this only for Your fisrt name , not for a 3rd or4th name change . Anyone can help me ? Mabe should go straight to Gala and see if Flare can do this ? thanks and I know others would appreciate the help as well !

Why would you change your name, just because you left your alliance?

I really don’t understand.

long story , dont matter really


Don’t worry, they will listen u and all of us , who wants to change name

Flare and his Team have good heart,

Wait , May be in this 4.0 or in next update.

You are only allowed to change your name ONCE. You have confirmed this, when you changed it …

I wanted to change my name, well same name but to put a flag on the back. I typed to searched flags in message window and after pressed enter, word “flag” inserted on the back of my name. Now i cant change it back! I wrote to support, but no answer for 2 days now! :((


In the past I saw an appeal of a mother who was mischievous by an infant to IGN. by RR2 FB…

Every time this topic comes out I care whether her IGN could return.

Still no answer at my requests for 6 days now. I tryied to contact support on email, and made 2 requests, on Messenger, here on forum, but no luck… Dunno, if i made a mistake on willing to change my name, no one can change it back? Or at least sending a negative answer… 

Hi, you were correct to contact customer support. Most likely it will not be possible though as there is only one name change possible. But please wait for their answer, they can look into your account and I cannot give a binding statement here.

As for the waiting time, they are pretty swamped with tickets at the moment, please allow for some time and apologies for the waiting time. But rest assured they will get back to you.

Thank you,