Return Dungeon Petition - but a different suggestion

While the other topic is about bringing both the dungeons and the medals from them back to the game, I feel like I needed to make a new topic as this is a slightly different suggestion, and it may get more attention

I was very disappointed when I found out that we were not going to be able to replay dungeons anymore, not just because of the medals, but because it was fun to go back and replay previous dungeons for nostalgia :slight_smile:

The dungeons being taken out is a big deal for players like me who make dungeon walkthrough videos. Just recently I did the Mummy VI dungeon to get some medals, but I found I was stronger than I was the last time I tried so I continued fighting. Unfortunately, I had not started a video, as I had originally planned to pick up a few medals and then die (it was only seconds before my league ended and I couldn’t risk anything lol). I got to the gate with 15 seconds remaining and everything else destroyed, but then I remembered that I couldn’t replay the dungeon and so I had to intentionally die. Because I didn’t start a video, I had to die because had I won, I would NEVER have been able to make a dungeon walkthrough for the Level 6 Mummy

Please take this into consideration. The dungeons should and can be returned while keeping the exploit out of the way! 

Let me add this: without medals, gold or XP.

I’ve lost count of the amount of players that used to replay the same dungeon over and over again because of the XP and gold.

While it may seem harmless, in reality it stunted the development of their raiding skills, because they didn’t have to face the challenges that regular player bases provide.

In the end, these are very high lvl players (even lvl130 sometimes) that lack the skill to raid 5000+ trophy players. This wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t replayed the same dungeon over and over again for gold and XP.

That would work!  No benefits (like medals, gold or XP) once you achieve 3 crowns on the dungeon.  

I don’t like that you can’t even go back to the level and see what it WAS that you passed.  There are many times in my team where someone has asked how do you get past Dungeon X, and I could go back and look to see what was involved and give advice as to how I passed the level, so I could help my team.   At least bring back the ability to see the map of each level.


Yeah, I agree. It’s very annoying that we cant even open the battle to remind ourselves of what the dungeon looked like

Instead, we have to go to a dungeon guide video so that we can get a proper view of the battle and give tips from there

At least have this, if nothing else

Yeah, would be good to have them back. Sometimes I want to redo some cave where I couldn’t pass them without using gems when I was weaker than the current me  Maybe could be something similar to test defense.

Please bring back dungeons. How would I waste my food then?

If possible, bring back the Monthly Pro-Leaderboard also. People have quitted playing pro-events.

I fully support this! I miss the dungeon levels, they are unique in graphics and also in the enemies’ color set. They should fix whatever exploit was, and restore access to them!

But I still don’t believe that the “exploit” was just the normal gold, medals or XP you get for replaying a level. Madlen didn’t answer this question (AFAIK). I think the exploit was something more serious, but I have no proof. Just a strange experience: When they announced that they’ll close the dungeon levels, for reminiscence I replayed a vein of gold level I did some time ago. I don’t know how, but after doing that level, I had full 15M gold, which definitely was near empty before (and it wasn’t any uncollected gold in that level). I couldn’t reproduce that, but maybe the exploit was that you could trick the dungeons to pay the winnings multiple times. (Imagine that for free inventory slots!) That would have been a serious exploit that would justify the draconic close of each dungeon level after the winning has been payed the first time.

I miss the dungeon as a testing area,  friends base is now OK, but the different levels was good to see,  if the setup work with stronger/ buffed units… I dont Miss medals, XP and gold

Madlen, as far as I can see, there is no one in the community who disagrees with this idea. Taking out the dungeons was a fine idea to get rid of the exploit. But we’ve found a way to add past dungeons back to the game without having an exploit! It’s a win-win! Please take this idea into consideration

Hello, I have forwarded it, we will talk within the team about it. :slight_smile:

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Yup. If you remove medals, gold and XP from past dungeons, there really is no harm.

yes, we should do that, like the vein of golds, we get the rewards only once when we hv beaten, we couldnt get 10 million each time we beat it… 

like that flare should do open all dungeons, just for the fun of it, we will redo the dungeons, even if u dont give us rewards, we will play the dungeons… bcz, for players like me, who dont attack any players, or those pllayers which dont seem difficult, dungeon was the best choice for keeping the silo empty


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Bring the Dungeon back only when it is without XP, Medals and Gold! Then the people who love to play dungeon can it play as long as they want…if they realy love it that way. 

Since the Dungeon is away, u can see in the leagues only players on top, who player fair ? WELL DONE FLARE !

so, basically, I support this, I officially sign this petition


Lol, uploading a digital name for that is hilarious :wink: :wink: :grinning:

Screenshot (592).png

Bumping this, as I’ve been asked on the Wikia Dungeon page if there’s a way to replay the dungeon.

As you can see, many people want the possibility to replay them :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
I cannot give you a time estimate yet, but we are considering it to bring it back (no rewards at all, like a test defense battle).
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Thanks for your feedback.

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If no rewards, then make sure you do something about food too… either no food requirement or normal food requirement (by normal, i mean the usual food we need while raiding bases)…

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Yeah, lowing the food requirement would be nice, but I personally wouldn’t mind if the prices stayed the same

Or maybe have the gold/food at a much lower level since most of us who still would use the dungeons as a place to not only test but as a way to keep our silos filled, and really don’t care about the XP or medals?