Return Favor button

I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but I’m sure most of you have. When you go to your insta troops to request the troop you want, when someone gives you some troops, there is an option to “return favor”. To me, this is the most useless button in the game. 99% of the time the button is for nothing. Even if you can “return favor”, you’re better off going to the chat to see how many people are asking for troops and which one’s need troops the most! My point is, this button is as close to useless as you can get

I jus thought about this the other day, when I was checking my instas.

I was like: “Maybe I should post something in the forum, saying how useless this is”.

But then I was like…

“Nah, it’s a waste of time and they won’t change it, specially because there’s stuff 1000 times more important than this”.

I guess the best use there is to return the favor to a friend that is in another alliance and you can not see their chat.   I do get some from people not in my alliance.  So perhaps a new feature would be that if you get troops from someone outside your alliance through the friends feature you can return the favor.   Those troops would go up to  a queue to provide troops next time they ask.  

That’s true :grinning:

But not saying we will never change it, it is always good to get nice ideas but yes, unfortunately, this is a very low priority at the moment.

This would better sit in the ideas and feature request section to be easy to find for later, if there are plans to have a closer look at the feature! Thanks for suggesting though and putting the thoughts into it :slight_smile:

Who gives troops to people not in their alliance… lmao and why?

I give to friends in my ex alliance


It’s exactly like lego said. My style of troops donations is to check and see if any alliance members need troops and if not, then I’ll check my friends list. Alliance is definitely the first priority, but if no one needs troops, I’ll donate to friends

Humm I guess I save mine for when next alliance person needs them…

But my friends list is 99% my team… so ??

lol since this feature is in the game. You learn me 2 thing by reading this topic

1.I didn’t know there was a return favor button. Never really notice to be honest. I click give all and close the most faster. i never use Insta Troop maybe why

2.You learn me you can give troops to your friend list.

Like I say in every game. Its not because you play a game since over 3 or 4 years you know all :lol: