Return my medals for the "Beast Cup"!

I have a subscription to the Pro-League, I play every Pro-League. I’m an honest player, and never broke the rules! But a week ago I lost medals for the “Beast Cup” (1670). There were only medals for the “Easter Cup” (1518). Why?! What happened ?! I must have 3,188 medals in the Monthly Leaderboard. Return my medals, I spend my money on it, and I get This !? I wrote a support letter a week ago, and no changes! Nothing is fixed!??

I know others who contacted support received their compensation (chests, gems and a ticket), if you didn’t receive a compensation I guess you need to poke support again. Good luck with them :wink:

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting this. Our teams are aware and are working on a fix for that. In the meantime, be aware it’s only a display bug. Your score is all saved.

Many thanks,


I have the same error.

My IGN: Patryk343

I think that this is not a display error…

Risk of further issues

I made pro league but now im not in the classific…what happens…i made 1810 cristals…? and now i don t see my name but only few players with 0

Ign ambra8

Ok sorry for my panic…now is ok ?