Return pro-item shop back for new players

Flare opend pro item shop for few years. During that time many old-players could buy any pro items which they wanted to have.

Now flare offers pro items through season pass . we have no option to choose items. Many new-players are having problem to get essential pro items (ex : skull gear, chloris ring. )

And also i saw that there was no pro items in the conquest pro chest. It is not right.

Flare should give the opportunity to new-players to choose items same as before.

Yup. Seriously missing the currency and ability to choose items for a customized setup. Back to total randomness is a heck of a loss.

This is just now the game is

Flare please consider this post as important, also could you stop keep banning players, no one cares if there are multiple accounts you are destroying the game, these players you keep banning are the ones encouraging lower players to grow. Presently nearly all alliances are having trouble finding any new players interested in joining them because you are getting rid of them quicker than they are growing. Surely it’s better to have some players than empty spaces! Please just stop with the banning
Thank you


Maybe do a poll for alliance leaders in game and ask them. Because everyone iv spoken too about it, is of the same impression as me :blush: