Revamped War Matchmaking - Update 2.2.0 My @$#!

I am so pissed off right now. Alliance level 56 PK: Laughing Coffins has been put in with the alliance whose ranks are below 200. How is an alliance with 40 members ever going to fight with alliance with 60 members. And they have all the elite boosts activated. Time and again you put us down Flare Shames.

You are so greedy that you couldn’t even wait to test this war matchmaking properly. Such a shame.



well the others looks pretty even, i guess laughing coffin ist matched against you because the fiefdoms are playing a role in the matchmaking too.

I think they tried to balance number of fiefs vs number of members. PK was inactive few seasons ago, so it dropped way too many fiefdoms. And no, we don’t have all the boosts in PK. But yeah, I understand you. 

Earlier the fiefdoms were considered for matchmaking. All the alliances in a season would have same number of fiefdoms in the beginning. But now the season is not based on fiefdoms as you can see.


You were inactive. That’s all right. As far as I can see, the teams in the alliance are nowhere close to being related with number of fiefdoms. If it is the strength, then you should be fighting alliances close to your strength. And please see the boosts other alliances have and then check yours. But I do not blame you. Flare is all to blame. Forced this update upon us.

This is a massive improvement in my book. Now PK bullies some weaker alliances, but under the conditions prior to this update, they would have bullied even weaker alliances. Taking participation, members, strength and fiefs in account makes that now you face them in stead of other alliances with only 27 fiefdoms. Under the old circumstances, you would face them in two/three wars, when they reached 37-42 fiefs again.

I get that you aren’t happy, but if you see the bigger picture, you see that Flare did improve.

How about a better improvement by making them fight alliances close to their ranks. If you look at all the alliances mentioned above, it is not hard to find the odd man out.

That would mean an alliance ranked 300 could gain maximum amount of fiefs, and enjoy maxed boosts and gold bonus. Fiefs are something they have to take into account.

I see. But should have put them against slightly better alliances than us. Say 50 members

well they are not the only factor now, but they’re still a factor if you read the update notes 

It’s not Flares fault. We have met PK last season. It was even worse strength relations then. They have super low fiefs count. Maybe they have dropped for many seasons.

Again, nothing to do with the update or Flares. It’s legal to abuse the matchmaking system.




Abuse? Lol, you don’t even know what you are talking about. This alliance was inactive. Getting members to join and donate to get boosts is not easy as you think… not even half of alliance fought in that war against you, lol. Please think twice before you say something that you don’t know. Best of Luck for you! 

If dropping fiefdoms is still a way to abuse the war matchmaking system, how different is it than the earlier war matchmaking system?

Actually I do know a thing or two about it. But please don’t get angry. There is nothing bad in abusing the system, as long as it is legal. We’re doing the same…

Good luck to your clan :slight_smile:

They sacrifice some war , some unit/gold/donation boost  to win back some in the future . They droped down to 20+ while other 40+ , that alot of flied they give away to taste victory again while other win every war they can . There’s no need to get angry in this sistuation 

I thought the new war matchmaking would eliminate the abuse of the algorithm. But as I see now, it is no different than the previous algorithm. Lose fiefdoms to win the next season against weaker alliances.

By looking at our warmap, it seems that the matchmaking is indeed improved a little bit. But abusing is easy as it still depends mostly on fiefs count.

I agree and think the war seasons indeed are more fair now. It’s indeed extreme that some teams face stronger opponents and are still overpowered. What alternatives flare has?

Sure… The system can still be abused, but like Edward said, as long as it is legal by the rules… Only the abusement has decreased a lot, dropping fiefdoms is no guarantee to win or lose. Sure it’s unfair that a team with 60 members faces teams with less members. but as said before, you must consider it in the picture as a whole. When we check the fiefdoms, 27 and 41 is a lot of difference. This proofs that the algorithm at least holds reckon with other facts.

Look it from another perspective, that team will win of course, next season they could be matched against teams with 50+ members and might still win. A season after it could be 60 member teams, so they fight teams that are of their category more fast. In a few seasons, this is good for most of the teams.

I don’t think whatever you come up with that there will be a situation that war seasons are perfect.

  • Base it on fiefdoms => Drop fiefdoms to get weaker opponents
  • Base it on alliance level => don’t upgrade your alliance before war, do it during war or not at all
  • Base it on players trophies => Drop trophies during recess
  • Base it on players average skulls scored during history seasons => Let players do less raids and give some players rest. Their average is way lower than it should be.
  • Base it on total strength of members => Let some members leave the team before season and let them join when season started. wait with declaring war. There you go, your team is way stronger than the rest on the map.
  • Base it on a mix => This is most fair situation and that’s what flare did try to introduce.

Whatever you come up with, there is no way you can prevent that teams manipulate war seasons, unless… you make the rules that strict that there is no fun any longer.

Let me explain our new war map. We have two teams and we have less fiefdoms than we should have. Before we were always clearly the strongest team on the map, now that might be still the case, but it’s not decided yet on day one.  We see that we are on a more interesting map. Most teams have more fiefdoms, others even have more members, we have the strongest members, but still could be beaten if the team with more members has fierce members who all do their job. Even when they have paying players with high skull perks (hint, uber chests) they could give us a hard time.

Looking at the scoreboard we see interesting scores during fights. Some teams clearly are able to produce a lot of skulls and the wars are closer than we used to see. We even got raided on day one, how about that :slight_smile:

Summarizing, it’s a good improvement.

It should be based on the best alliance score in a single war ever - undreperform and you lose a war, but your best score ever stays.

So every alliance will have a season where they want to win - then their best score is recorded.

Losing a good player - well take better care of your members.

Gain a good player - new best score after the war.

This is interesting.