Revamping Sniper Hideout

Since Arrow Towers are a total joke!

And even most of the Boosts are a joke! 

I’m recommending revamping Sniper Hideout.

Make Sniper Hideout continuously spawn Archers. 

At a low enough rate that it does not completely overwhelm the offense.

But at a rate where it’s actually worth using!

How is it that that’s not the test of a Boost?

Make a boost, swap out your good Towers for your crappy albeit Boosted Towers and find out is it harder to beat your Base thus making your Boose useful.
If not you need to rework your Boost.


Forget it, Archer Towers aren’t ever used. I do agree that they need some work, cause they are really bad, but I don’t think anyone would use them anyway, they’re just a worse Firebolt Tower

But… but… morale! Jk

Increasing the fire rate as it’s leveled up could help with it’s uselessness, you should be able to stuff more than one archer in a tower after all.

I’m very much against increasing the rate of fire.  It would be too much like the Firebolt Tower.  I’d like to see the Range increased even about 5% would make a big difference!  Or I would like to see the rate of fire decreased and damage dramatically increased so it’s a a sniper tower capable of oneshoting unshielded Knights.

True, that works too

I agree with you that the damage should be buffed, but maybe not this much. 2 shots would be better, Imo


I’m alright with that.  To give an exact number I’d need a team to do the balancing and give me the reports.

Why not create a another Arrow tower? We have wood barricade and iron blocade. Why not a wood Arrow Tower with Fire weakness and Iron Arrow Tower with Ice weakness. More strategie in base



That’s just exactly the kind of idea the idiots at Flare will love! 

Don’t fix the old one that doesn’t work! 

Just make a new one!

read again what I have said. I don’t have said forget the woods one and create the iron one. I have said create a Iron one to add more choice in base. So if you add Wood and Iron Arrow tower you have both advantage like Wood barricade and Iron blocade.

If you have a tower weak in fire you put Iron arrow tower and if you have ice weakness tower put Woods Arrow Tower.

Both can be different and have pro and cons

Wood Arrow Tower :


  • Weak to fire spells and fire units


  • Snipe you over 9 range

Iron tower


  • weak to ice damage and ice unit


  • Can shoot Explosive Arrow each 10 seconds if boosted

Many game offer many kind of different stuctures and add more disversify and variety to the game



I actually don’t see that you suggestion makes any improvements to the “Wooden” Arrow Tower. 

And just making a new more useful tower isn’t going to make the old crappy any better.  It will actually make it worse! 

You mentioned 9 range, my crappy wooden Arrow Tower I already have has 8.64 range and I don’t use it. 

I really don’t want to see Flare just adding more and more Towers while forgetting all the old ones (like the Arrow Tower they literally made us build)!


That all being said if the Arrow Tower is Fixed!

And I mean really fixed! 

Honestly, every freaking building is weak to Fire!  Who the hell is in charge of balancing?

And obviously since the Arrow Tower is wood and will always be weak to Fire.  And since it’s the first Tower and will always have low Health the only possible solutions for making the Tower useful is: you need to move it out of range of the Firestorm! 

Meaning there are only really two solutions:

1: Increase the range dramatically (or make the Eagle Tower Boost the standard Elite Boost). 

2: Make the Sniper Hideout the Standard Elite Boost and change Sniper Hideout to continually span Archers therefore allowing them to be moved back out of harms way and just use them like barracks.


If one of those things is done!  And the original Arrow Tower becomes useful, I would love a new Tower.  Let’s call it the Citadel. 

But once again, every freaking Troop is weak to Ice so why don’t we make this Tower like the Bomb Tower with only the Weakness to Blunt.  That way we get something kind of unique. 



I don’t have an issue with a new tower, but not UNTIL they fix the old one!  (FLARE!) 

They always just rush out something new and forget the old! 


If we had Wooden Arrow Towers (call them Sniper Towers) with 9 Range.

And Iron/Stone Arrow Towers (call them Citadels)


What about this? You could add Archers by forging the Tower. E.g. 2 times Forging adds a second Archer and so on. This Archers will then have the same Stats as the Archers in Off/Def including Boosts.

Increasing the number of Archers would increase the rate of fire which would just make it more like the Firebolt Tower (albeit with more weakness) so there’s no point.

They would shoot in parallel rather then sequential like FBT.

I don’t see that as significantly different. 

You want the Arrow Tower improve? easy change the name for Rocket Tower. Inside have a rocket launcher guy who shoot rocket and kill everything. Problem solve. Next call

PS : Ok that was a little joke

Ever play:Savage: The Battle for Newerth, we had that!  It was awesome!


Let’s revisit this Rocket Tower idea!     Flare clearly isn’t fixing the Arrow Tower!  :slight_smile:

LOl that was a joke but when you think about it. Maybe not a bad idea after all. Replace the useless Arrow Tower that no one use. Maybe change the boost Poison Arrow by Explosive Arrow. Like Power Archer. The Arrow Tower shoot explosive arrow that explose. if you have forge your arrow tower at 11 range will make your defense more hard. OP? I don’t think so. If you have forge your knight at 3.15 speed or you have 35% or 60% speed you should be able to destroy the base fast enough.

Too much explosive in RR2. Well in this case make the Poison Arrow better make this only attack the Hero. This boost should not attack randoms target its useless against 100 knight. At least if Arrow Tower attack just the King then will make Arrow Tower better I guess

When I have face the Dreadnought if I remember in my first Ninja Event around March 28th 2018. I have face a ship full of Arrow Tower. What make this base hard? is the fact the Arrow Tower have shoot only me non stop (I was alone). Receive like 6 arrow each second have kill me. No place to run.So I am sure if Flare change the Arrow Tower to attack only the Hero then a lots of players will use them again. Just a little change but can make Arrow Tower the best

If you made the animation for the “rockets” look like the old Chinese Fireworks it really wouldn’t be historically inaccurate for the time period.  And you could do something interesting by making the rockets stick in the ground: making unkickable bombs!