Revamping the Alliance Wars to be a Challenge

For the last 4 months, during alliance wars I’ve encountered 2 players I couldn’t beat! 

And maybe 5 who were a challenge.

That’s about 10 minutes out of 4 months were I was challenged!

At the same some some of the weaker members of my alliance never stand a chance at all!

The alliance wars need to be revamped so that for high level players it’s not just busy work! 


Please Find a way to make it a challenge for us so that we can pick up slack for the weaker members.


The simplest solution I can think of would be allow higher level players to play with higher difficulty, and earn more skulls per battle albeit at the risk of losing battles. 

So you need to find your sweet spot where you can gain more skulls but not too hard where you don’t breach the gate and come up with less than you would have gotten.

I’m proposing just a slider that you can set for each battle:

Normal, Bonus, Extreme…

Just as it is right now you have 3 possible battles against any given enemy.  So if you over shoot or undershoot when attacking an opponent you could repeat the battle and chance your options.