Revenge and Autoplay

Hello! It would be interesting to implement revenge in the trophies system. And maybe the speed from autoplay (x4, x6) would be great! ?

before an extra speedup in autoplay i would like so have to possibility to play manual at double speed. 

but revenge sounds interesting: what do you mean by it in detail? (and wouldnt it lead to a ping-pong-effekt? or maybe just one time revenge per normal attack?)

“Revenge” this topic is some where in this forum but sure need some extra speed in autoplay. Should give a capacity to raid/victory atleast 3 or 4 times in 5 mins. That will be awesome. 

This is a request we’ve had before and it is under discussion for the upcoming version. The main thing to remember here is that faster autoplay means you can attack more, which means, in turn, you  will be attacked more. Everyone. This is why it is still unconfirmed and under discussion at the moment.

do i get you right… if more people use fast autoplay i also will get more attacks, even if i play manually??

if this is the case, please stopp fast autoplay and just allow normal speed.

Of course, because people are able to do more attacks per hour. So more attacks are made per day, so more people get attacked. This is part of the reason why the fast autoplay is currently not even 2x speed. We won’t remove the speed up, but we’re currently very unsure about adding 2x or 4x speeds.

are you thinking about to add a speed up for manual play also?

This comes with its own problems, but we will consider it.

I think it’s necessary to add 4× speeds,cause Sometimes strength crushes the opponent’s entire battle without suspense, I just want to end the battle quickly and get rewarded.

I will fight seriously when I meet a strong enemy.

What you say is relative to attack and being attacked.But,Is that not the case with games? People who spend more time have more gains.?

Revenge in a different game I played, gives you the opportunity to attack the player who attacked you. If I am not mistaken, this was a window of 24 hours to do that. In our case, it also has to be within the 20 people that have attacked you recently which you can see, or that list has to grow. I also don’t like the idea of not seeing all the attacks I have had on my base… I think that’s how it works now.

After the 24h, you are still able to see the attacker, but you have lost your chance to attack him/her. This is a great feature to encourage those battles that everyone seeks out. Who is better, how well did you do, and how well will I do? The problem is in our case, will this be “free” attack, or a standard cost of ambrosia (it’s not an island to spend ambrosia travelling, nor fury, and I would hate to use wisdom right now, it’s scarce). If it is free to attack, this would be a great feature, which will increase attacks to all players. It’s also a fair way to get some of your trophies back, to the guy who keeps hitting you, and you can’t find him. If the matchup was fair, then in 24h or less, it should still be fair the other way around. 

It should however only be 1 time per revenge (not able to do it 3 times), and no possibility to revenge on the revenge. That would be exploitable, if there is no cost to attack. War attacks should be excluded, you can still find them on the war map if you want.

A great idea for me!

why not all of them? or at least more then -15 vs. +3 … and if revenge would be implemented, is then there still a need for artificially holding attackers back from high trophy player?

and as you say, just one revenge per normal attack (no 2nd chance) and within a time limit of 24h sounds good also.

i would agree if the enemys would become more and more challenging with every succesfull attack. but it does not feels so. and if they would do this i assume they maybe will loose lots of players due to frustration. the way it is now its like they also could implement an auto-farming (like it is in other games), but this is also not attractive.

“People who spend more time have more gains” … time should not be the only factor, if so you could also program a bot on win10 or train a monkey to press some buttons. it should also be challenging. and i.m.h.o. it should become more and more challenging (for which a better measure than just trophies would be needed) the more successful you are (maybe also with increasing ressources and loot to compensate).

Actually - I would like a hybrid  Autoplay / Manual mode.  Basically - set my hero on autoplay - but I choose the minions + spells … he just auto runs and attacks stuff.

I think the mechanics of the trophy exchange should not change, it’s unfair for the lower trophy person. Unless, revenge, does not remove trophies from the defender. In fact, I don’t mind if both are not affected by trophies, in which case, it’s exactly what it says “revenge for the attack” (not the trophies). I don’t mind getting more trophies of course, but given my current situation on the board, I’d say we have to be fair and objective. If we get the feature, I am open to anything.

Revenge can also be redemption, as in I do want to get back at the guy who beat me with 100%… I’d like to try to do that too, it’s so interesting, competitive. The lack of chat in-game, makes the attacking part of the game boring. If I could message the guy instead of looking him up on the forum or on social chat apps, it would be so much fun. Exchange views, setups, experiences… make friends even…  I know chats are also used in a bad way, but there are blocks, reports and so on, which eliminate this problem. The forum is working really good in that way too!

Yes, I would also like that, but as an option. So have the current setup, and the option you said. I also had mention elsewhere, that we need an option, to set the tone of the hero. a) total annihilation & kill GK b) get close to 95% c) or head for the gate at any cost… I’ve analysed this in a bit more detail. Of course the debate is always that AP can’t be so good… I would quit the game without it on the other hand. I think there is some room for improvement. The decisions of the hero, especially regarding powers are sometimes dumb. 

This is also true for me… When I see a tough opponent, I have to manual. When I see someone I wan’t to try to get 100%, I have to manual and at wars, I usually manual… I can AP Cadmus and try for 100%, but the fact is, I can get to the gate faster if I manual… so manual is always better… but he is the only one, that plays AP so well…

I would also love a faster speed, both AP and manual… however, I do understand the concern of the devs. In this discussion here, it is not my top priority, if I had a choice, or had to rank these “features” to be implemented. 

EDIT: On second thought, here is some more input here… if this is enabled, it will offer more people to take 15 trophies, from everyone higher than them, in the trophy list. This means that the big attackers, will get attacked back, by a number of all those daily attacks… this can be called “fair”, but may also make it worst for someone to attack. It needs perhaps some further thought, to the trophy distribution. Perhaps a standard 3 points, or no points at all… I don’t think it’s necessarily bad for me to lose 15 points each time someone revenge at me, but think about it, a big percentage of revenge will be towards higher trophies, let’s call it 40% of those…

I’ve had an idea for a new mini game mode that would probably work for your Revenge. I originally considered it as an island defense (like someone is attacking one of your islands - but it would be too difficult to time that - so a 24 Revenge works much better!) Basically it’s a Head to Head (Hero vs Hero) Auto Play map.  Your guy starts on one side  and the other player’s Hero on the other.  You both run down the road, converge in the middle and battle it out! 

Maybe each hero runs through a gauntlet / maybe not.

Each hero only summons troops equal to their starting Moral - there’s no moral generation - so the battle is quick and entertaining!

No Vault of Hephaestus chests - but maybe a successful revenge grants bonus Domination (and then later maybe a single gem or 2).


concerning revenge: also keep in mind that this could be a potential gem-generator for high level (or good devense) players. to decide if this is good, bad, intended or does not happen is up to others with more insight, but should be thought of.

I said it before it was needed a year ago and still is.  The leaderboard is out of sync, the regularity of very high lvl players appearing on lower trophy lvls maps went down a while ago with subsequent ‘tweaks’ to the system.

We were told before it couldn’t be done, but myself and @Warriornator knew that it could be implemented as it is in so many other games such as this. 

One try sounds good for revenge attempt to recover standard trophy count for the difference.  I would extend the time taken for possible revenge as 24 hours is a little stingy for IMO.

To be honest any extra content at this point would be welcome. Just try to make it in benefit to the greatest % of players rather than just the 2-3 players that generally comment :grinning:


Actually I’ve been considering this for the past several days - because increased battle speed does not equate to more battles per day.  There are already overt and covert limitations in place.  The obvious ones being Ambrosia / Fury and for Odysseys - Wisdom.  Just because I complete a battle in 1.5m rather than 2.5m does not in fact allow me to battle more - the outright battle costs remain the same.

Additionally there’s there hidden limitation of island population.  Just because I clear an island - doesn’t cause that island to instantly repopulate.  Usually I have to wait a day for them fill up. 

Islands do repopulate as you fight, though. You can never clear your map. And it’s very possible, easy actually, to put enough heroes on ambrosia islands to never run out. If you do, there are bonus chests and ambrosia is very cheap to buy. 

I clear my map plenty of times - absolutely nothing left to attack.  On most occasions - yes a island becomes repopulated, usually on the far opposite side of the map which costs 700 ambrosia to travel.  So having three or so islands repopulated after a full clear is not enough for perpetual attacking.