Revenge fails

I’m level 84 now. But due to having huge unprotected gold everyday I’m literally attacked by level 90+ players frequently. And for having very high stats I win their base also. But the problem is they get high loot with 8 or 7 trophies but when I attack back I see only 3 or 4 trophies the highest is 6 The last attack I got was from a 96 players who snatched 8 trophies from me I attacked back got only 4 trophies. Isn’t it unfair? I know trophie depends on troops level but the attackers are full boosted and hardly win some’s base. I just want to know why this happens?

Maybe because your trophies are very high for your level. I am not sure

I hate trophies, I be more upset about losing the gold. Also telling the whole forum you have “huge unprotected gold everyday” may not be a good idea. Try to hide it better and less will attack you.

Eric, I don’t care about trophies,neither gold. I can get them fast. But the thing is I need answer why I get low trophies from my opponents which are very high level than me…



syed this could also be a problem though


opponents I attack I have less trophies than me but still some are higher and the problem is still the Same…

Voodoo, make your base a little bit weaker. Take off some useless barricades for example. Then your base will offer less medals and trophies.

I am level 74. I have also experienced this. I got raided from a stronger player and lost 9 trophies. When raided him back, just gained 6 trophies. I think trophies won after battle depend on the opponents & their defense. Some players offer 22 trophies for 1 raid but their bases are extremely hard.

Yes I got it thanks