Plain and simple - I would like to be able to get back at people who took a swing at me.

We all would actually. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere here when someone attack you after he appear on your island but I cannot confirm if it’s true or not. Maybe check when someone attack you if you can get him on your islands after

No this is completely independent.

If someone attacks you, this person will not appear on your islands. You might still find him/her on your world map later on though but it is not related to the attacks you suffered.

oh really good to know thanks

Yes! I would like to see the attackers in the battle log on my map more often.

If you can take 25 trophies from me I want to seek revenge! I want to get my 3 little trophies back. 

Agreed I always wanted this feature.I only want to fight opponents who are always hiiting me for trophies.

It’s about time I too can do some damage to thier ranks ??? as they are doing to mine.

Max 15 trophies now, so we hit the player back 5 times to retrieve the 15 trophies. :wink: