Hey, how much is the possibility that a 26 fiefdom team will fight against a 25 fiefdom team in the upcoming war season.

And also our team fight at least one Vietnam team each war season. So are the teams pitted as per particular continents?

The nationality of an Alliance has nothing to do with the matchmaking alliance war system ^^ The reason that you found always vietnamese alliances is mainly because there are many vietnamese and of consequence many vietnam alliances.

About the possibility you have to check your alliance leaderboard and see who has -1 and +1 fiefdoms than your alliance, so you can take a note against who you’ll fight 

Hey, anyone with 26 fiefdoms here guys? Or with 25~27 XD

Well, u won’t find half of ur opponents, as seemingly they r not from English speaking countries. And the other half probably never visits the forums!