Reverse battlefield

I was thinking about a reverse battle field. Where you start from the castle gate instead of tent and wins by destroying the tent. There are more interesting things related to this.

A witch is interested in your kingdom. And she took over your defense unexpectedly. She locked down the troop academy and wizard tower. It’s now your job to retreat it. This happens unexpectedly. Not informed before like other events. So you can’t change your defense.

You go to battle with no troops and a spell slot that changes spells randomly. And you have to defeat the whole tower you created. How do you win with no help from your troops and with a random spell? 

Well you are not alone. You cant summon troops but you still have help from troops. Iam talking about castle guard troops. They are there to help you. But they will summon in the wave order and there is time interval for the next wave to summon. If you lost your alleys you have to wait for a long time for the next wave. 

This event is very difficult event. There’s a lot of chances that you lose. Don’t worry even if you lose the witch will lost interest in you and your defense will be free. You get rewards according to your toughness of your defense and percentage you won. If you get 100% you get a very very rare and special reward. 

It says reverse battlefield and it happens in you kingdom but such an event can also be implemented on certain levels. Starting from a tent and ending in an gate.

I don‘t know of that is a good game mode, because we already have nearly the same thing in Royal Revolt 1. 

I haven’t played RR1. Does it also work on offensive wave?

I am not sure because I have never played RR1 since RR2 was realesed but in the time for RR2.