Guys please review my matter what’s your trophy level or king level is just attack on my base and suggest some improvements.I just need some opinions on my base.

My ingame name-maghadheera

Dont have your barricades in the beginning… Blockades are better for the beginning.



Also traps are kinda useless at low levels, personally I’d replace 'em.



But with this game, once you have the right towers it’s just a matter of upgrading everything. Best advice I can give is keep upgrades full, try for a new builder.

Gra jest spoko

I like my trophies so I won’t attack you lol


looks pretty tough  :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone be kind enough and check my base as well?

I’m playing this game for roughly 2 weeks now and got my first superior tower today (Firebolt).

I know that my defense lacks … some of my weaker alliance comrades can raid me,

but I lack experience to pinpoint the specifics.


Thanks! :slight_smile: