Revise Regulare Elite Boosts cost

Hi Flare,

The costs of Elite Boosts is so much. For these boosts, Costs are designed  before war system introduced. And After wars started the so many syncs for alliance gold has been introduced. Such as champion and special war boosts and shields also prolonging war boosts. 

Maxed alliance with all people has max AT is barely sufficient to run all regular elite boosts. This is impacting wars because most people are unable to prolong special war boosts or use the war features

And things with medium alliances are even difficult as they never have proper donations members and they need to grow their alliance level, in addition, they have to use war features also regular war boosts

This elite boosts Directly effect game balance so please revise elite boosts costs at least for regular boosts


I think this has a benefit because we won’t be going into wars against fully boosted alliances. Makes alliances choose strategy with their boosts/shields/champions rather than everything at once.