Reward chests based on an individual's score in Conquest?

The main problem that too less players play in the time (can maybe) solved with this individual rewards … then all have to do some fights for skulls oder maybe when Flare count the engery of the movments
-> they can’t stay over time in a tower … :rr2donkey:

I’m atm really disappointed about the conquest participation atm, but i can’t kick 20 Players of the alliance… they got now the max rewards and do not really something :x:

-> Flare have to find a way to make conquest more interessting for all “members” :point_left:t3:
… Players need more motivation :rr2trusty:

I don’t think so, personal rewards won’t make players suddenly participate during conquest. It might help a little bit in the beginning, but most will fall back in old selfish behavior, it’s not worth their time to participate, the rewards are just not compensating their spend time will be the argument.

Let me rephrase the question. When a player tells you that he doesn’t participate during conquest, since there are no individual rewards, what would you do? I would suggest him/her to search for another team, because that’s the wrong attitude. Tolerating this behavior is just the wrong answer, more individual rewards isn’t the solution.

Do those players participate fully in all other events? Honestly I don’t believe it. There a majority of them also will not be helping at all there. I bet majority does just a few ninja islands, plus raid a few times during wars to get away from 0 points/skulls scored. That’s done on purpose, they know they are not doing their team a favor, they think to clean their conscience by acting so. They do it on purpose, not helping their team.

It’s up to generals plus leader to figure out the reason why players don’t help. Since players copy that kind of behavior (if player A gets away with it, I also get away with not helping), you must act fast.

When reason is that players get frustrated, since they can’t win raids for whatever reason (phoebe beast or outdated spells/troops/gear), then you must act. Let them raid for gold and improve, give them time and guide them. Not helping the team is out of the question, that’s unacceptable. You can only improve by being active, not by being passive. By not participating it gets only worse, they not only hurt themselves, they also hurt the team.

Keenflare should not find a way to motivate members to participate, that’s the task of the team. If some players don’t want to participate, leader plus generals should act, it’s as simple as that. A player not participating is not doing your team a favor, sooner or later you are better off without them.

We have a lot of players who do ninja 100% and also in the war, these say Conquest costs so much time, family, etc, real life is more important … we understand that …

But we lack the power in the Conquest, even if they go online 3 times a day, it does not help much if they only fight occasionally.

We can not kick people who have big players, who are otherwise active and who are with us in the Alliance for years.

We would be the alliance between 30-40th place to throw many places back, we do not want that.

It is not a thing of the generals, we talk so much already … It is a common problem of the Conquest which Flare should fix.

Yea, those guys need to be kicked out of the alliance.

They don’t deserve the rewards. That’s why you should kick them out of the alliance before the event ends.

I don’t understand why you are so reluctant to kick out inactive players that are not contributing.

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And individual rewards would change the mind of players who don’t have time to play conquest?

You already gave the answer yourself, since you understand/accept their reasons. Simply said, individual rewards will not make them change their minds, private life comes first, since they assume conquest costs them a lot of time, even on moments they don’t want to spend time on a game.

It’s up to your team to give them a less time consuming role during conquest, like scouting or guarding an area. Accept that they only are online at moments they also are online during ninja event or war season. Maybe they are willing to help under such conditions. They don’t need to be online at times they have better things to do.

Your team accepts that a part of your team won’t help at all during conquest. Since you don’t kick them, you have your answer. So try to ask them to help a little bit, no more no less.

Keenflare can’t fix the fact that your team decides to accept members that refuse to participate conquest for good reasons. Keenflare can’t force players to play and also doesn’t need to fix it.

Giving individual rewards would not solve your team their problem. The problem you face, you have to deal with as a team. That they are long time member, doesn’t give them privileges to skip conquests.

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sorry RR2 is a TEAM based game
… RR1 was not … maybe should all generals/leaders go back to RR V1 to get a silent life, solution? :face_with_monocle:

… It’s not nice to constantly motivate every player in the conquest
… I think that the personal rewards attract more players to the Conquest

Conquest has changed the game from a beautiful 3-4min attack game to a lengthy game
… for example I had only started RR2 because it didn’t take as much time as other MMORGs. (WOW, Silkroad, etc.)

I know that the still new Conquest is not accepted by many players, that’s the real problem.strong text

  1. Yes, I agree that as a general, it is our duty to kick out those who do not participate in fight, and in the manner of speaking, i agree… But, the action is far more complex than discussion… As a general of a small growing alliance which does not compromise of close relatives or friends, I can say that, KICKING OUT IS NOT THE SOLUTION!!! and it’s not as easy… There are players who participate in every other events, except for conquest… why?.. because in other events, you won’t get rewards if you yourself don’t fight… but in conquest, you don’t even open the conquest map and you get full rewards… Also, that player regularly donates, and is online daily… We can’t kick them out…

  2. Providing individual prizes will at least prove to be a little beneficial… No heavy awards required, no… I won’t demand uber chests… I won’t even demand legendary chest… A simple epic magic chest will suffice… OR as suggested above, if you leave base camp, then and only then you get all the awards… Even if individual prizes will still not motivate inactive players, it will at least ensure that those participating will get something for their work… Those participating will get something more than an inactive participant…

Exactly, RR2 is team based. And some players don’t want to help at all during conquest. They don’t seem to understand they actually hurt their team. Is it asked too much for a less time consuming role during conquests, so that it won’t hurt their private life?

RR1 has nothing to do with conquest, so please let’s leave that part out of the discussion.

Players who play conquest already don’t need those extra rewards, why would they otherwise participate? The fish you want to lure won’t bite for sure, problem stays that they expect to spend more time than they are willing to during a conquest, at least that they use that as argument. Extra rewards won’t change the real problem.

Even wen you would give them the option, to just spend as much time as normal, being only online then for a couple of minutes seems to be asked too much, isn’t it?

The real problem is that these so called members don’t want any discussion, they just don’t want to participate. If rewards would change their mind, I would literally kick them for not being honest, since then they suddenly seem to have time? It doesn’t work that way.

When reason is no time due to private life, either the player has an incorrect expectation of conquest or plays it totally incorrect. It’s up to the player how often he is online, he doesn’t have to be online more than he is used to. When a team demands that, it’s not the team where you should reside.

Just follow orders, take a role as scout or area guardian or whatever. At least you help your team.

During ninja event you also need to be online several times per day, unless you skip all cool downs with gems. War season raids also need to be done, so in fact that can be even more intense, when a lot of wars are declared.

Solution is not that hard, when generals or leader accepts it, then they are the ones to blame, unless the whole team accepts it. Or don’t accept it. But saying flare has to fix it is just incorrect.

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That’s not nearly enough. That’s barely anything really.
You are acepting that level of commitment for now, but if your alliance keeps growing you will ask more and more from your alliance members.
However, i bet that you will eventualy grow tired and move to a bigger and more active alliance in the future. The sooner you do it, the better.

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This is a complicated issue, but kicking out people in mass would be a problem.

If we don’t get enough alliance gold contributions then we can’t keep some of the troop bonuses going and players complain and leave.

And some players that don’t play Conquest do play in Ninja event and War, so we need them for that.

And as a General, if I starting kicking people out without approval from the leader, then I’d be kicked out.

The reasons players give for not playing Conquest vary. Some say they don’t have the time, some say they just don’t like it. And there’s a language barrier since not all players speak English which makes it harder.

When I ask some players to do this or that, even it it’s just moving to a certain spot on the map so we can build towers, some complain even though I ask nicely.

But again, we can’t just start kicking everyone out because without daily gold, some of the troop bonuses would stop and we’d loose more players.

I could just leave and join another faction that has their stuff together, but I could end up just joining another faction with the same problems. Or one that demands “scrolling” which I don’t do.

This would be a much more simple solution. If the bar of 1,000 skulls OR 2,000 energy spent is a pretty low bar IMO, but if that’s too high, then set a lower bar.

It’s not going to be a magic bullet and wont solve all problems. But it’s a way to motivate players to participate that the player can’t complain about.

I understand that you are afraid when you kick persons you could get in problems in terms of gold or with your leader. Boosts cost gold to prolong. Believe me that they also are aware of that. By accepting that members make the rules instead of general/leader, your team introduced those problems, nobody else.

Managing a team means to take appropriate actions, even when it’s hard to do so. The longer you wait with acting, the more hard it will become to solve the conflicts. There is a reason why so many great teams turned into ghost teams and this is main reason. You think it will not happen to your team? Guess again.

When suddenly one person is excused, it can only lead to chain reactions. Others start to be excused, it’s as simple as that. And don’t be surprised when during other events suddenly some other members also are no longer willing to participate.

Nice that you lose multiple war seasons in a row, since suddenly multiple members don’t help any longer. Great that you don’t gain defensive ninjas any longer, since some find ninja boring. Or that not enough members participate pro league and you don’t win pro boosts any longer. It’s similar like losing conquests due to lack of participation.

In the end you will find out (most times when it’s too late) that loyal team players get frustrated after not winning rewards time after time, just since it’s accepted that some no longer help. They will hopefully share their frustrations, some just go inactive or leave the team.

And it’s hard to replace them with new loyal members, they will also not swallow it that main reason of not getting boosts/rewards is non participation of some members during one or more events.

Setting milestones for extra individual rewards will not help, those milestones could become a burden for players that do participate. So keenflare doesn’t have to try to fix it with extra rewards, the team and individual rewards are more than good enough. It definitely won’t solve the ‘No time’ or ‘I don’t like conquest’ problems. If you want to prevent players not helping to get those conquest chests, there need to be measurable facts to determine non participation. Indicators like skulls or energy are just bad indicators (In data warehousing we call them Key Performance Indicators).

Confront them with your frustrations in a kind way. When I was leader I also had to deal with this. I also have a private life and also often not a lot of time or not in the mood to play. Still I step over it and help my team. And when I know I really have no time, I will inform the team as soon as I know. That’s showing responsibility, others also don’t have to some parts of the game and still they help.

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all I can say is …
the short raid-based game has changed that doesn’t please everyone.

I don’t think keenflare/Flaregames really made a good decision with the Conquest.

Now, unfortunately, I would have been better off with a PVP event or a new war-like system based rounds.

I/we as generals already do a lot, that’s the reason why we are still Conquerst winners in the 1st league (total 14th place). This is a full time job for 1-2 people … this has nothing to do with the original RR2 anymore.

Motivation is the a and o … and I like to say extra rewards attract people.

I’m not trying to push you to start kicking out players on your own.
Managing an alliance is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider, lots of hard decisions to be made and the leadership (leader + generals) need to communicate a lot on a variety of topics.

I understand it’s hard. I get it. I’ve been there.

Oh for sure you’ll still face those problems in bigger alliances. Conquest takes a toll on every alliance.
As for the scrolling… you’ll get used to it. :rofl: Hopefully you will reach a point in the game where most people scroll a few times during Wars. It will become the new normal.

I don’t know your specific situation, but I would tell you that it’s preferable to be a soldier in a much bigger structured alliance, than a leader/general in a much smaller alliance where you are the structure. I’ve been there. It’s too much work, it’s not worth it.
And one other thing to consider: if you’re a good and active player, you’ll become a general in bigger alliances after a while. All alliances (big or small, rank 1000 or rank 10) need and want good active players and will reward them for it.

Wise words.

Running alliances is really about managing people. You can’t let chronic underperforming players on board because that’s contagious. You have to kick them out and be really really active in recruiting.
Recruiting is hard in 99% of alliances. It requires a lot of time and some effort, but it’s one of the most important aspects of running a succesful alliance.


I don’t really want to leave the alliance because I’ve been there since I was level 40. They were patient with me while I leveled up. But we’re in the 2 chest rewards league in Conquest and missed moving up by 15 points last time. If a few more players contributed we would be in the higher league, it get’s frustrating.

Some of those that don’t play Conquest are also Generals, making it even more difficult.

We also have too many Generals to allow Generals to kick people without the leader’s approval.

I’m also not talking about adding extra rewards, just making it so those that don’t contribute don’t get the full rewards like those who contribute get.

Skull and movement milestones would be the best way to measure contribution in the playing part of Conquest. And like I said, I think those bars are set low enough that those who contribute wouldn’t even notice them. But if 1,000 skulls OR 2,000 energy spent is too high, then set a lower bar.

The long and short of it is there’s not good argument against it and it would help. “You can kick people who don’t contribute” is not a good argument since we can still do that even with help getting players motivated, and since the Ninja and War games use the same methods to motivate players and set the bar much higher.

With all this arguing I’m still waiting for one person to name one good reason not to do it.

So what constitutes participation? Scouting? Making sure someone is on a tile where a tower needs to get built, and possibly staying there for a day? Protecting a tower or another tile from another alliance? Collecting resources on a regular basis (which can be done just by checking in during conquest, no movement whatsoever, btw), following flags that leadership has placed for various players, doing battles, or daily donations among other various activities that happen during conquest season. Should the player was low enough to not feel quite competent enough to do any battles or leave the stronghold but harvested resources all night because leadership was taking a break not be rewarded for his/her part in conquest? Should a player not be allowed to get conquest rewards because classes came first and leadership in his/her alliance asked that player to make daily donations instead? What constitutes participation and what doesn’t?

If y’all are so worried about who gets what at the end of conquest, and don’t feel it’s right that non-participants get the same rewards as full participants, inform your leader/generals/sergeants (hence leadership) and focus on what’s best for your alliance. Non-participants can get kicked, if that’s what an alliance chooses, before the end of conquest, and therefore they get no rewards. If they pull friends along with them because they got kicked, my question then becomes why didn’t those friends encourage that non-participating player to do what was asked of him/her by leadership. Maybe those group of friends don’t need to be in an established alliance, but in an alliance of their own where they can set their own rules. I don’t think we need to make rules for what seems to be something that is already set, and can be handled on an individual alliance basis, depending on what is best.

Personally, my leadership spends quite a bit of time online during conquest. We take turns giving out flags, starting battles, giving out promotions (some have remained, some haven’t), building towers, monitoring progress, etc. Despite the fact that we spend a great deal of time online, and we don’t expect the rest of the alliance membership to spend as much time online as we do, we wouldn’t expect them to receive any less rewards than we do, simple because conquest is a team effort. We wouldn’t have won our past few conquests and have progressed as much as we have without everyone, even those that some would call “non-participants”. Just a thought on what teamwork can achieve :relaxed::wink::upside_down_face:

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IMO everything IrishLady911 mentioned could be a sign of participation except donating resources. IMO that’s just mandatory of everyone.

Collecting resources from a mine, village, or library IMO could also be participation, but unfortunately the game doesn’t keep track on that, so it would be impossible to use it.

But everything else could be used as a sign of participation.

This isn’t about wanting to penalize anyone, it’s about trying to motivate players to participate as much as possible before kicking them.

No one should feel that their level is too low to leave the home base. Low level players can and should scout if they’re not strong enough to fight. Or at least get on a tile that the alliance wants to build on.

And I don’t expect all players to spend as much time on line as leadership either, that’s why I suggested a low bar at 1,000 skulls OR 2,000 energy. But if that’s too high, what about 500 skulls OR 1,000 energy?

I guess another solution would be to put the decision in the hands of the leaders so they can decide if anyone shouldn’t get rewards. Only problem with that solution is inactive players getting mad at leaders. The other way, they can’t get mad at leaders.

How about zero skulls and energy. I already explained that when there is a peace treaty with all other teams is a reason to score no skulls at all. So should complete team get no rewards in such a situation?

When a team just asks a player to guide the team without even leaving stronghold, he should get no rewards? Energy and skulls are no key performance indicators for measuring activity.

When inactive members get mad on their leaders for getting no reward, it’s the world upside down. The inactive ones admit that they didn’t help get at the moment the reward due to merci of the generals plus leader. They can be glad they aren’t kicked. And if they were kicked, rejoin and start a discussion, I would wash their ears. Confront them with their non helping behavior and tell them that this isn’t tolerated. That is taking responsibility, no need to be mister nice guy. They don’t want to participate, so also accept then to get no rewards.

And when kicking is not done, then simply don’t complain, the leader plus generals didn’t kick, so rewards are then also legal for the inactive ones.

Important during action is not forcing participants to do acts that won’t help the team, those actions could hurt the team. I know soldiers can’t start a war, so punish them for not scoring skulls is not appropriate. A non soldier starting a war while there is a peace treaty, just to score a milestone is also not doing the team a favor.

Reputation of the team is going down the drain. I personally would kick the player ignoring my orders not to attack and send the other team my sincere apologies, reputation is everything.

Also player joining a war they should stay away from for legal reasons (guarding a spot) or that they will make team lose that war, isn’t helping the team. Players will join wars just for the skulls milestone. So absolutely no KPI for skulls and energy.

Teams that aren’t trusted get hard times during future conquests, peace treaties are harder to make, since trust must be earned.

A team has tools to deny rewards to members at the end of conquest. Kicking is that tool. So either accept players to gain the rewards or kick them. Depending on tier, you do the team even a favor to let them gain rewards. Think on pal chests, donating pals definitely will help the team. Getting crystals could make players donate pro pals. So why you want to hurt your own team by denying rewards to players of your team?

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No friend, do not take it the wrong way. ARREBIMBA and the others are right. You must make expulsion decisions and if your leader does not take them, you should leave the alliance as well. I tell you my friend … If you look for me, you will see in what alliance I am, my alliance has no PHOEBE and whatever you tell them will go away. If they leave, nothing happens. They enter my new alliance and leave as they do not see PHOEBE released, this is normal. You just have to wait to have Phoebe and be able to demand. Look, although my alliance is empty, what is done is that, after 7 days without connecting, I expel them. It does not matter if they are good in high rank, because even so, they are expelled no matter who they are. For the rest I do not force them as a leader. If they want to make war they do, but want to make it not to do it. While they are, at least they make their donations. That if, when you have Phoebe, then they will start arriving and staying because they are protected, then you can force them to defend the alliance. If they go to expel other friends with the expelled, do not worry, my friend, they are bad warriors, let them go. Better to be alone than in bad company. In the end, you realize, the important thing is that you are protected, the others should not matter. Bad warriors, they go from alliance to alliance because they are being expelled, wherever they go. If your alliance has room for 34, but you only have 9 and those 9 do not leave, they are good warriors. Have patience friend, with perseverance, everything arrives. Regards my friend.

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“LeeeeeeeeeeeCHES” = zero battles in ninja/ war & conquest no participation yet get rewards and never donate pals. Leeches cannot be motivated with rewards even with pro tickets (it happened to an alliance I knew back some time, donated pro ticket to a leech so he scores a mere 200 points for pro boost, guess what they never got the boost). Leeches possess the remarkable ability to demotivate an alliance and put a lot of strain on good players. Leeches deserve the boot right before they get rewards.

They are turning into leeches, unless they help alliance in other ways, donate a lot of conquest resources, alliance gold, pro pals to unleash beasts etc, if not, they should self demote themselves which means they care for alliance. How can u motivate a soldier if a general is not fighting, if they don’t have time its understandable only if they let others take over responsibility. (we have demoted generals for ignoring conquests, even minimal help would help them keep the title as we respect time needed for real life of players)

Not exactly, I stop moving after day 1 and guard resource towers, there r conquests I never see a fight or only few or constant fights for 3 days, some battles the skull/energy ratio is high, so I get less skulls for more energy, waiting and having full energy is vital in those cases, I cant even complete all 8 battles as energy required is so high as shown in screenshot. Strong players of an alliance are usually preferred guards in a defensive game, energy for movement & earning skulls is not fixed it can be zero or 30,000 or more depending on various factors.

I can add few more but right now I’m unable to, so even flare cant do anything to leeches, none can, Leeches are invincible.

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I have to agree with Dena and Arrimba…i wanted personal rewards as well…but…arrimba told me to kick the people that dont play in the conquest.
So…we did…for the last 3 conquests we kick all those who didn’t play 5 minutes before end of conquest…sometimes up to 9 players.

We are a level 31 allie…with phoebe level 2 and play for some time now in the 6th tier of the conquest…if we kept all the leeches we couldn’t have come so far…take the advice you have been given…kick the losers from your team!