Reward is improved, thanks flare

Even tho there is still many thing need to be done but i can see the thing everyone like most about conquest “THE REWARD” finally get improved greatly this time , no pathetic small amount anymore, everything  on uber and pro tier amount, pearl is fixed around 100 .Thanks flare for listening ?

Thanks soilwk! Glad you liked them :slight_smile:

Thanks you for the great work too 


The rewards were fantastic this time  :wink:

Here’s what I got on Top Tier (250+):

  • Gems chests: 320 gems
  • Pearl chests: 6.000 pearls
  • Pro chests: 21.000 crystals (!!!), 3 Pro items (currently turning into +5.000 pearls) and 2.000 pal food. (0 pearls on a Pro chest was weird)
  • And 15 pals donated because I have them all