Reward of conquest war.

I think the reward we are getting in return of time n energy and gold n gems we are giving in conquest mode is way too less. Just one pearls chest, one uber, one pal chest and one legendary gem chest. 

we are investing too much in conquest mode. we need more attractive  personal rewards imo.

And possibly rewards for alliance too, gold for example that we need to waste for 8 days during this mode ?

Too much gold investment required. Alliances will have to forget alliance uograding feature if they want to win conquest mode without investing real money for donation. 

As suggested plz reduce the cooldown to 12hr.(atleast during wars). 

In the max tier it’s 5 ubers, 5 uber pals, 1 uber gem and 1 pro chest ONLY IF you get enough points to get them (25, 50, 100 and 150 points, respectively… and 200 points for the tent boost).




We should get chests for scoring skulls too imo, Apart from that fife thing. 

Winning war battles should give instant rewards to players as well, you know, give something to all those  victorious fighters, and also encourage more players to participate

100% agree with you.


All in all, for an 8 day heavy effort, the rewards should be sooooooo much better. At least 4x or 5x of what they are currently.

This is quite nice. Those wars are quite stressful, more than standard wars. After all the stress and gems involved we just get a notification that we just won and that’s it. Those wars don’t have direct value. Nothing extra from it, not a tiny little reward. We might be fighting for 8 days in this silly, boring and stresfull mode, investing our gems and alliance gold but at the end we might end up with nothing really, maybe a few chests with pearls, lols. 

Yeah, all the rewards do seem a bit low, and getting all the way to then end of bar is not as easy as it looks, although I’m sure some teams will be able to do it. I think the best way to add more WANT to this new mode would be to do what many others in this topic suggested: Chests for each war that you battle in!

Before upgrade they say , problem of finding gold will be gone

Where is gold ?

Problem is solved, there is no gold. 90% of players that have gold, are online. Only the ones that are sleeping can be robbed. And during this conquest being punished even harder. You go to sleep? Supreme victory loss awaits you ?.

Feels similar like monopoly game, go direct to jail, don’t pass start. Her it is, fall asleep, lose war without a chance to do something, go back to stronghold and be robbed of unprotected gold. Loll, why you dare to sleep or go to work, you should be playing 24/7 and take a holiday during conquest. 

In 3 days I had one fight.   And just sitting in a tower to guard.   I am so bored to death

Everything about this conquest mode the way it is now, is not worth it. You spend a lot of time, just to have another mode that is sucking the alliance gold/gems out of you. And who knows how long we’ll have the boosts that we win. What if they are only activated for 10 days, afterwards you have to prolong them with gold. Wouldn’t surprise me.   Alliances that aren’t max will never reach max level when they play conquest and war, unless they rob a bank to pay for all of it

This low reward for players should have attention, same like the need to login every 1-2 hours to move a few tiles. Gold rewards (or chests) should be given for all kind of activity. For example by winning wars that a player did participate. Total skulls won also could make it nice. But since some players have a different role, I would give active players (those who moved at least x tiles!) a reward for total scored skulls in terms of gold or… Give more alliance chest rewards for conquest points scored. Do we for example really have to score that high for 1 epic gem chest and 3 of other kinds of chests?  It’s an abnormal low price. I would rather see dozens of legendary chests, uber chests and so on. We play for 8 days! 

And not only for players, but also for alliance. Alliance gold is drained during this conquest, so there should be alliance rewards also (for example every scored skull represents 10 coins  of gold. Then having plenty of wars at least returns some gold to the team. And players should be rewarded with a chest, when winning wars. 



Yeah me too, bored to death. Have to stay alert at gathering enemy at East area, forced to camp near a watch tower. Want to but can’t move to friends in need at South area cause the map is just too big for my ‘3-step-then-cooldown’ donkey’s pace. Stuck, doing nothing for 1-2 days, or more. So my daily routine’s basically: log in, peek conquest, nothing to do, log out. ?
Do raid for upgrade? Where’s the gold?
Game over RR2

My problem was start of conquest, taking no troops with me. Now I need to reload troops at a watchtower (125 per turn and 9 hours cool down for next troops!) and hope the enemy doesn’t raid us before that time. 

So no raids, need to retreat while I easily can beat all their bases, but just due to lack of troops (none) are forced backwards. 

Lack of possibilities to earn alliance plus individual gold is a serious issue. I now also need to protect at tower, waiting for better times. 

(Sarcastic mode) Positive point is that nobody raids me, since I have no unprotected gold. Having said that, my personal workers also seem to get holidays during this conquest, no time to raid plus… I save my pro ticket, can’t risk to go offline for 35 minutes. And for what? For a conquest that gives a possible few chests plus some conquest boosts. 

I think participants will be the losers, better to skip this conquest and go for gold to max defense first. You can better invest in maxing defense first, then next (lost and skipped season) conquest you have more alliance gold, stronger defenses for members and a way more easy conquest. 

What is reward,? This game just takes everything from you, your internet your phone battery, your time, you life, Your everything…

After Investing a lot of time and alliance gold and even gems you got a supreme victory when you are in dreams, And though those 4 boost is not enough for 8 days and 999999999999999/- that much alliance gold,oh i forget those chests ?

Reward is Middle finger from flayer…

Winning those wars should also be rewarded with alliance gold