Reward successful defending the castle gate

When a raider fails destroying the castle gate, the raider doesn’t get a Chamber of Fortune reward. The defender however loses a portion of his unprotected gold. Trophies can be lost or gained. I don’t see possible win of trophies as a reward, most players amongst us aren’t interested in trophies. So basically, when you get raided, you don’t get a reward, you will only lose.

I was thinking how we could make it more interesting to improve defense, so that we put more time plus energy in improving our base. Not only by upgrading defensive structures and defense waves, but also by forging the defensive buildings. And here I came up with the following idea.

How about giving the defender the CoF reward instead of the raider who failed? Add a retention time of two days for opening the CoF rewards, just like video chests. Also war opponents should give them after a failure, only give no skull rewards in those chests, but regular stuff (or when opened during same war the raid was lost give the skull reward).

This way I definitely would start to forge my defensive structures a lot more, who doesn’t want free chances to get more interesting stuff? For flare this is a win-win situation, more CoF means more gems are used by players, even after a failure. A failed raid helps the successful defender this way.

By the way, I have seen a video of Olympus rising CoF. All 6 chests contain prices, you can click three without paying gems and if you want all rewards, pay 5 gems. That would be more interesting than the current CoF chests and gems we have to pay after a failure. Even by adding three very low rewards, two medium and a good reward I think most of us would already be very happy.

It doesn’t necessarily has to be a CoF, but something tiny at least. We don’t earn trophies 100% of the time when someone fails our base. Good suggestion.

LOL again I can take another game like example Dawn of Steel have that. When you defend and repelled a attack automatically you get 15 influence point. I think its 50 if you defend without walls,15 if you missile have shoot 100 missiles,etc…with influence point you can add more slot for Rig in hangar or buy strong gear that demand influence point,etc…

Here why not combined what Flaregames have do with Olympus Rising and Dawn of Steel. 3 successful chest in each raid but with low,middle and high rewards and if you success to defend your base you should get a rewards of Voucher. 15 Voucher each success, extra voucher if during the raid you have do special action like : Kill the king give 10 more Voucher,Kill the King twice 15 Voucher,Kill the King 3 time 30 Voucher, If you have kill over 500 units 10 Voucher,etc… each time you defend well you can obtain over 100 Voucher each raid. That allow to buy legendary items or why not Uber items for 5,000 Voucher in the Bazaar Shop

I think there is something to do to make people work more in defense