Rewarding long time players

Hi all,

  I believe**  there should be a system by FG to reward long time players.** Long time in terms of months/years, loyalty, fairness, their daily involvement, growth, etc. (so many parameters are there).

I am talking of free players who had to grind their way up, it might also include some paid players, who meet the parameters. At least, it will be an honest recognition by FG that they value free players and the time they put into the game.

The reward could be like 1000 gems and 1000 pearls or more. It could be a half yearly feature. Again, a raffle draw for those who qualify the parameters set up by FG.

I guess it will be a good motivation for players,





maybe something like 100 gems each month. 1000 for 1 year, 5000 for 2 year.10000 for 3 year,etc…


We know we get only 20 gems after 50k sonic blast. 50k sonic blast mean you’re long time player lol

FYI : me, lvl 96 and still not unlocked that quest reward ??

Yup, long time does not mean you play a day or two and then pick up the game again after a year. The term would fit more appropriately those who play on a daily basis.

Parameters need to be set by FG.

You can do 10 battle a day or 2 battles or just open and close the app. What counts and does not is why this thread is opened for.



Don’t worry, FG will rewards all of you soon with 2k vouchers  :wink:

It doesn’t sound bad, I’d take 2k free vouchers happily as I can buy a new gear with that without spending gems :slight_smile:  

and patd platers should get 4k vouchers for supporting the free  players…hmmm what would i use my vouchers for…i know a starbucks…of course id have to pat the difference but hey

Why would you ever spending gems for a new gear? there are quite many gold gears inside the legendary chests you could get 3-4x daily along with the golds. If your excuse is that you’re playing on PC, i have many friends that managed to conquer that obstacle.

I never said I spend gems on gear, but I usually spend vouchers if there’s a very useful gear. So I only get new useful gear if I have the vouchers to do so, then 2k free vouchers means that I’ll be able to do it one more time :slight_smile: