Rewards for Achievements, Alliance Wars, and Leagues

Ok, so I know it might seem like none of this needs to change, and frankly I am not sure all of it does. However, it would be nice if:

1: We got gems or pearls for winning alliance wars, besides the elite boosts. Or maybe gold for the alliance treasury?

2: We got gems and pearls for winning leagues, as the blacksmith devours our pearls like a little kid eats candy.

3: Please update the achievements again. There was an achievement for Throne Room lv 9 - idk if that was switched to lv 10 in the 2.0 update but what I think should happen is that 1 more level be added to each achievement - it goes from Bronze Achievements to Silver to Gold - what about adding Platinum and/or Diamond Achievements? So there would be 4-5 levels for each achievement, instead of just 3. However, unlike last time, please actually stick more currency into the achievements, not just shuffle it around :stuck_out_tongue: