Rewards pro league

Opened pro league chest : got 2056 krystals and omega ring.  Game closed and what happened : rewards gone but new chest with only petfood and some pearls 

i want my first rewards !!!

you lost the ring. and I’m friends

Same here. Not sure of the name of the ring, but it had heal aura and ice damage. I want my ring back. 

This is a big deal @FTB @Archimedes @flaretara and needs to be addressed. 

Total mess. 

I won two chests from the last Pro-Event, I open one before the game crashed but the other one has just disappeared. 

I’d like my other pro-chest please Flare. 

There’s server problem in my game too. Log in then disconnect automatically on both Android and Windows PC. Now it’s already stable. It’s so unfortunately to those who opened during that time and lose the original rewards they should have. Flare should do something regarding this.

I got Zelos Ring with Bomb Kick Aura. Hope it won’t disappear like the others.

I didn’t got the rewards itself.


I got pro armor but it is not in inventory…i lost itt…

Any alliance that still didnt get the paladin boost? we didnt…

Our alliance did get the boost but it’s gone now. 

No reward no pro boost :(.

Probably again some problems…

Same here I doesn’t get any reward… where is my reward gone… Is it another server crash like ninja?? 

Thanks for the tag-in @PicklePete! We’re looking into this now, and I’ll post an update when I’ve got one. 

By this occasion I want raise some questions…bcoz I.m working also in IT company and such a mess like here I see first time…So @Archimedes@flaretara@Nikko

  1. I can understand that sometimes shit happens but why In your company it happen so oft??

  2. Why u do not learn from this mistakes and u still repeat the same Issue ( In our company such a  “developers” will be already fired )

  3. Do u have some Supervisors above U ?? Did they know  about constantly Bugs what we have almost after every change??

  4. What will u do in future to prevent this problems??  Bcoz frustration here is raising and raising.

  5. And what compensation u plan for these Alliance who did not get what they won (Bcoz i just heard from other that some Allis already playing with Palladin).

Thanks for Answers.


Currently they’re looking into the problem. If you still don’t get your rewards after they said it’s solved or just for be on the alert, you can contact flare support by file a ticket on this site:

Hope you get what you deserve as compensation.

I also got a ring but thanks got it didn’t disappear. My heart was beating. 

hola,  no me dieron mis cofres… me pueden ayudar con los cofres…






I think we may start using a new word instead of buggy and/or messy: flary.

E.g. What happened with the Pro Chests is so flary…

GG Flarygames…

P.S.: they cannot even send back some new chests as compensation, since their totally idiotic random system will give you 10k pet food instead of a Omega Ring…

You brought this to yourself my dear friends. Your total randomic system for the reward in the chest is creating all of this disappointment. If I lose one Pro Item, but I find a new one if something like this happens, I could be fine. But if there are chest with only pal food and pearl, THIS IS UNFAIR. 

It’s so simple I am actually shocked you can’t get it.

I am happy btw., you reap what you sow. 

How long we need to wait for the rewards. Some players are already got but I did not get anything yet. Is anyone here who know anything What will FG going to do? :angry:

Nothing. No Support, No …? 

Same problem here.