Rewards pro league

Server maintains I hope it will be solve now…

No. Nothing


Quick update over here:

Edit: Long day, posted the wrong link. Sorry!  


Euhm… overwritten reward? I didn’t recieve any rewards at all so far :frowning:

Same here.
I did not get anything stripped away or overwritten because I did not even receive my 2 pro chests and cristals yet!!

That’s really not good enough, @flaretara.  Giving one chest is nice and all, but the ring I received – heal aura and ice damage – was significantly better than any ring I had and is not available in the store at this time. 

It’s not like it showed and disappeared, but I was given it, finished opening my morning chests, put it on in my main wardrobe, calculated my new powers, went to perk it – and it was taken away.

A single chest is not an exchange for that.  I earned the first chest, and the ring. It was taken away. Giving me a lesser chest is not compensation, especially since the ring is worth at least 6,000 crystals and I could get three chests for just 7,500 cystals. At least we should get multiple chests, and even that’s not worth the use of a really good ring.

Were this an occasional thing, that every once in a while – a few times a year at most – things went wrong, maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it is happening multiple times a month and is getting to the point where the game is slowly becoming unplayable.

@flaretaraHere I got some pearls from pro chest and gone offline,again came back online…then the pearls are gone ?

Please fix this issue ! Convey my request

IGN : ÄjêsH TîtàÑ

The least they could do, is give some free pro-tickets or the equivalent in gems (1500 for 2 tickets). After all, we need to spend a lot of our valuable gems to participate, and then not receiving anything at all after finishing within top250 euhm… sucks big time

2 server maintenance’s later, still no rewards given to players who received ZERO pro league rewards.

On top of that no direct acknowledgement that “Hey we know some players did not receive any awards”

All players affected by this should be given one free pro ticket as well as a pro chest as compensation in addition to what we earned in pro league.  


don’t be sorry just tell us how many times you need to give our rewards back or the ticket??? :angry:

so weak, almost a full day and no rewards and my ninjas are gone still, time to step up your game flare cuz this is unacceptable!!!


Yes i recived no rewards at all and on top of it my ninjas dissapeared, amateur hour this is honestly


Wow! Cool. You should make a video on how it works

Dear Flare,

Do you ever test any updates? Usually, with every update something goes wrong, can you try and be ahead of that for a change?

At the moment I have:

  • Not gotten any pro league rewards
  • No offensive/defensive ninja’s
  • No ads for boosts

Thanks, but sorry I don’t make video things. Perhaps you can ask @FTB to make it.

What I can say now this ring is awesome! ? It can kick all skull tower and elite bomb tower with much more ease than before. You just ran back and forward to match the area bomb fall to repel it all. It’s good to pair it with speed item.


Screen cap of the ring:

pro ring.JPG


All skull bomb from skull towers in this picture are repelled (hero didn’t move at all).


How much damage does it do @RoyaleDing2 ?


There’s no damage to troops or any tower. It’s only repelling bomb from skull tower and bomb tower. As usual, all the bomb do damage to the tower that throw it if repelled. So the damage that both tower received are from the bomb that the ring throw back (depend on the tower level and damage bonus forging times).

yo solo recibí mis cristales, pero mis 2 cofres todavía… no se olvides de darme mis cofres…

ING: LYNAMC232017 


Holy cr*p that’s just awesome.