Rewards videos


Weeks ago that does not give the rewards to see the videos  ? , in addition sometimes it does not even give the option to see them says that you have to wait several hours, you wait and the same thing happens again. I would like a quick solution. 

I have video but the file is larger than allowed , If you tell me an email I can pass it with wetransfer

Thank you very much


P.D: Google translator


we are aware of the video ad problem and we hope to fix it very soon. I will post in official announcements, once this happens.

Kind regards,


I've been waiting for more than a month. Thank you very much, friend.

Still nothing? I have passed the blacksmith’s event without power to go faster, I can not play the summer event since I do not have bread, this is a disaster!

this did happen to me to when i played on a mobile device i could fix it by pressing it aigan but it stopped complicly when i switched to windows