Rework autoplay

When using autoplay… can you pls disable the system from casting spells? I mean some spells are casted at the wrong time rendering them wasted… 

For better gaming experience pls add a button for spell autocast… so that player can toggle when he needs to cast a spell at the right time.

I also find that the hydras are too big for the auto play AI - they start tripping over one another and only one hydra ends up attacking the gate at the end.

this have nothing to do with AI. Hydra attack one at a time until the one who attack die. So you can have 10 Hydra only 1 attack. its feature and its designed like this since a long time

I’ve suggested this to @CaptainMorgan but he said, it will be a bit hard to implement such feature…so can’t do much about it. We will continue to see Pheme unleashed a way too early, Poison spells to destroy barricades etc which makes no sense.

this is really great suggestion about casting spell make sense i support your idea it will be great