Rework the trophy system or create a trophy shield

Every time before ninja event we have the same problem but it only seems to be getting worse. It’s harder and harder to maintain trophies. I got attacked 22x overnight I lose 100-200 trophies every night and gaining trophies is a slow and difficult process. It shouldn’t be required that your friends should drop on you so that you can have enough trophies for ninja…also the fact that if you fail on a base you lose so many trophies sometimes 30-50 makes no sense when the base is a top base why should you lose so much for failing on it? The whole system is broken… 

If you’re losing 100-200 trophies and getting attacked 22 times overnight, it’s one of 2 things: either your defense is too weak for your trophy range, or your trophies are too high regardless of what your defense’s strength is.

Well, actually there’s a 3rd reason… some guy has a beef with you and asked his friends to attack you, but this is less likely to happen.


Anyway, you don’t really need friends to dump trophies on you, but these are the requirements:

  • when you lose 100-200 trophies, you need to attack and get back those 100-200 trophies;

  • you must have a defense that is designed to counter the most popular combos out there in your trophy range. Sometimes, this means that you need certain boosts that you don’t currently have, so you should talk to your alliance leaders and, collectively, figure out a way to get them.

(Yes, you can pretty much guarantee any Conquest boost and 1 defensive War boost - Gargoyle Tower OR Arblaster, regardless of what alliance you’re in, but it might require a few sacrifices and additional work)


A trophy shield would not be recommendable. You need to be active to get back the trophies you have lost as @ARREBIMBA also said. With a shield players might become lazy and this game is meant to be played, isn’t it?

Lost trophies can be won back easily. Just search for players via the ranking board and not via match making. 

I hope you reached the ninja tier you wanted to play in ?

maybe add for you tokens +300 trophies? :slight_smile:  

Sounds like a good idea. Or a token that protects your trophies during a certain time slot. Maybe you should mention this in the Ideas & Features section ???


Next we’re asking for a Token to make us Top1 in the Leaderboard…  :rolleyes:

Why not? ?


There definitely should be a max on how many times the same person can attack you. People farming you can really mess you up before ninjas.

Exactly. One player shouldn’t attack the same player a lot od time. Fg should enter limit attack the same player on day (i.e. 5 attack on day ) and limit attack on each 2 hours - max 2 attacks.

I attach screen attack the same player in last night

It’s not nice to name names but it’s come to the point were certain people from all alliances need to be named and shamed. Turk Kardesler has, from my experience a history of carrying out multiple attacks this particular person does it often it seems for league position as he/she was already well above the threshold for the top tier in Ninja.

If you are on the receiving end of such attacks and unfortunate like myself and in my case tried to justly defend against it others from the same alliance join in all because you had the audacity to retaliate and encroach on the top 10 which it seems only a few alliances are allowed to reside. What’s even more of a shame is that a member of Turk Kardesler goes to the trouble to upload videos, dubious but never the less helpful to some and gloats about his gallant colleagues.

Just because you can do 3 attacks a hour on an individual does not mean you should, let alone hour after hour after hour and if people are so indecent then maybe flare should consider changing the rules, there should still be just about enough people playing to make this all unnecessary and if all else fails you can, if you have the ability between events, dump a few hundred trophies and farm them back yourself, childish I know.

There are also the times when, due to the lack of your offensive attack history and very ineffective matchmaking that you unwittingly select the same person you un-maliciously do a multi attack that then leads to endless “tit for tat” battles.


Why? All the players you showed did everything well within the rules of the game. In fact, if anything, they should be applauded because they are active players in a 5 year old game. This is a war game. You raid others, and others raid you. Anything done within the rules of the game is good.


How often they raid is not subject to your standard of what you think should be the appropriate frequency of raiding. They are only subject to the rules of the game, which, in itself, IS the objective standard that determines the appropriate frequency of raiding, i.e. 3 times an hour. Unless and until that is changed, players are free to still do so within the rules of the game.

What have you done to irritate them?

Whats your ign ? You probably started first…

I really think this ***** pay back actions are really boring. Also this idea of make tens of raids boring too

It seems you are in the top 10

Jerry, bro, I think you’re so objective, until you yourself are not touched by this … I think you would hardly say that everything is fine if the same player attacked you 30 times a day …?Let me make attacks only on you every day … 30 attacks a day … Will you be happy?

No s/he isnt top10

Dont do something that you dont want to be done to yourself

These SS are old and probably you farmed relentlessly, so its tit for tat. Why dont you show your attacks? Its shown here different. 

Some RL members farmed me a lot of times, I ve lost 150-200 trophies but Im not disturbed. Its just a game, I got trophies back by farming them too. Nothing wrong here. This is a war game… We both win medals and leagues by this funny way. Top 10 isnt funny for those who dont have nerves of steel.

What is your IGN? TOMRIS HATUN? 


lol I’m already attacked like that by many players. Every.Single.Day.


I’m fine with that. Cromka sometimes attack me, and sometimes I attack back too. After that we still talk to each other respectfully in the forum. If you attack me, I won’t take it personally as well.


If someone wants to spend 24 hours to attack me 72 times a single day, that’s fine. The ONLY thing I’m not fine is IF the player uses cheat.


Other than that, it’s all part of the game. Enjoy raiding and enjoy the game. Cheers. ?