Rework the trophy system or create a trophy shield

Trophy system works well in my opinion. Problem is low trophies due to easy defences. Even very well forged base can stay 5100-5200 by only defending.

I don’t know what you’re experiencing, but I don’t understand why you’ve included me in the bunj. If you have enough gaming skills to shoot videos, you should do it. or at least. you must respect.If you noticed the video I’m attacking different people, my aim is to have fun. and those videos want to steer, also entertain on another computer.You can attack me 100 times every day if you want this a war game.

Posting screenshots of normal regular attacks is not evidence of shameful behaviour. Not at all.

They’re raiding. This game is about raiding.

As long as they’re not using cheats, I don’t see anything shameful in those screenshots.

That’s because ninja maps are far easier than the trophy range they require, so it’s encouraged to out-rank yourself. And then you become a farm.

Btw I’m always amazed how some people do those dozens of raids for the sake of gaining 2 trophies or to be a pain. I groan like a wounded elephant when I have to do 5 campaign raids, I couldn’t bear raiding for 6 hours a day. ?