Ridiculous upgrades and constant bugs.

Update ridiculous and once again extremely greedy. Did I mention that sometimes, if you want to earn more money make updates to make the game more fun and not to raise prices and make the game more expensive. If you leave the most fun game players spent more naturally in addition to attracting new players who spend and increased profit without you having to leave the most expensive game. The bug in the spell that lasted more than a month was finally resolved, but you left something worse still in the range of the wolf howl and also had the feeling that the chilling effect of Arblaster and Froster were amplified. These new bugs allies waves 42 of moral leave virtually impossible to overcome both top base 100 without using gems. But today I am pretty sure that bugs are intentional to make players use gems. The bugs are constant in the game a long time and are always to hinder the invasion why I say they are intensional. I will name a few that I remember: 1 Gargoyle. 2- Knight 3 Spells 4 Wolf And when the wolf will put correct then the intensional form another. This way to increase income is a shot in the foot. I really can not understand the abandonment of forums for if you hear no players would be easier to make the game fun and increase profits. This is a exelente game even with a lot of potential but it seems that is run by amateurs with very little creativity to think that the only way to increase profits is to raise the prices a totally wrong thinking. I suggest not to abandon the forums if possible there ask yourself what players would like the new updates which ideas they suggest to try to keep the game always interesting and generate more profit naturally.

As you said wp, those practices are just a shot in the foot. They only provide short-term gains but in the end force even the most loyal of users to quit the game. 


I’m pretty sure that most top ranked players have already reduced the time and money spending on the game, if not completely abandoning it. Motivation to play this RR2 is increasingly less and less, and every new update is designed to make things even worse. I came to point where I am afraid to install a new update whenever its available, since I’m only expecting for the worst to come. 


This condition is not healthy, and definitely not one that any gamer has to go through. Patience is a virtue, but for the most of us, it has depleted. 

The funny thing is, flaregames nowadays forces you to install each and every update anyway, as soon as they’re rolled out everywhere, and if you don’t, all you get is a message telling you to update on the loading screen, and before updating you can’t even enter the game… so yeah, you only have 2 actual choices: Updating or quitting immediately.