right to change ign

 Hello super heroes :slight_smile:

I used the right to change names before. but I want to change the name I use.  when the right to change the name may come? I am very happy if you ask me for support in this matter. there are those who want to change the name like me. :slight_smile:  i am sure 

Hey there, flare doesn’t want players to have the choice to change their name more than once. The reason for this is because of the confusion this would cause in the game. Personally, I believe players should be able to change it how ever many times they want, but to have a restriction on how quickly they can change it. For instance, Epic Games allows you to change your Fortnite gamer-tag every two weeks. The reason it is this short amount of time is because there are over 20 million players so it’s not really that big of a deal if you change your name. Nobody but your friends find you anyway. So, all in all, I believe we should have more than one time to change our RR2 IGN. If flare changes it to where, let’s say, every 2 to 3 months you can change it, that’s fine by me! At least you know the next time you can change it!

I am surprise not see they don’t get a opportunity to charge players gems. We all know RR2 is full of P2W content. So I am surprise Flare who are attract by money.Still don’t have add a possiblity to change name at 50 gems 1 time,100 gems after,200 gems after,400 gems after,800 gems after,1600 gems after and so on…like many games do

There are people that many alliances don’t want in their alliance, for whatever reason. They know the IGN’s, so they can avoid them. When they get more chances to change it, they will try to get in alliances that have blacklisted them. You have two chances, when you create the account and one more time, that is more than enough


Give at least in a year , 

It is possible , every things is once in a year , so this will also be good things.

Exactly, we would need a reputation system linked to our account if peoples can change their IGN at will. 

In a game where I can freely change IGN and play, there was an ID number in the account.

it was SNS game, there was also a black list.  


 Thank you for your precious thoughts.

Thank you for your precious thoughts.

Thank you for your precious thoughts.

Thank you for your precious thoughts.

Thank you for your precious thoughts.

Thank you for your precious thoughts.

May I pay for the chance of changing IGN? I think 20K is acceptable

Gold or gems?

Yes, plus a $99 subscription 

you can send me the 20K and call yourself whatever you want! ?


With the setup the game has NOW, I say let 'em change their names ONCE.  Sometimes when we sign up for something, we can’t think of a good name off the bat.  We get stuck with things like “Thunderbolt” (As we all know, it’s actually a LIGHTNING BOLT, thunder is only the sound!).  Changing it once should be fine to me, I can’t imagine why anyone would need to change their name every other week unless they’re  hiding something.  (known deadbeat?)  

However… some good points were raised above- have a reputation system (like eBay)… oh PLEASE let us have a reputation system in 4.0!  I bet half the players out there would be outed as deadbeats!  Have it where you click on a poster’s name and it shows their history, including name changes and alliance changes.  Have it like facebook, where if you change your name after your initial signup, your “address” is still your original name.  Any of these would be great and I’d be fine if people want to change  it up from time to time, but constantly changing it as it is NOW would make recruiting and managing a royal PITA… or would that be a Royal Revolt 2 PITA? ?



Great ?