Rising Warriors ( lvl 30 ) looking for high Donate player

We offer : lvl 3 tough barricade (24/7) boost

Lvl 6 blazing knight ( 24/7 ) boost

30% gold boost

8% tax

Right now we have 31/35 member apply today now befor spot run out

Need from you : 75k donate or more don’t care about trophies or lvl

Filled already :slight_smile:

Give me your in game name here with how much you can donate I can kick out my alt and invite you in

Nvm I find you

We lvl 31 now 32% gold boost 10% tax need one more player.

We got 1st this war season :slight_smile:

Yes… Sry was joining before tour answer to blade storm. I am donating 100k :slight_smile: