Rising Warriors Recruiting

  • Tired of being the only one that donations?

  • Tired of being the only one that fight in war?

  • Tired of no team work?

If all YES then we need YOU so what you waiting for Apply to “Rising Warriors” today

Requirements :

-2k trophies or lvl6 alliance tower

  • must go War

  • active and team work

** If we full just post your In game name here**

Seasons one war we got first place :grinning:

Season 2 we give up remake teams

Season 3 first place

This season 4 gonna get first place 100% sure we own them we are very active in game and in War

Rising Warriors rank at 281 27% gold boots 8% on tax lvl 24 almost lvl 25

We win total battle 9

Att:5 Win

We are looking active player to join our team apply if you like to join or tell me your ingame name here with your info thank you

Offer: lvl 30 alliance with 35slot members

32% gold boost maybe more if you join

8% tax

24/7 lvl 3 tough barricade and lvl6 knight boost

Our daily income are 2.3m a day maybe more if you join

Need from you: 75k donate or more we have 5spot open apply toady


we now are lvl 32 rank 140.

We got 3 500k donate player and 1 willing to get to 500k soon

Got a lot of mix donate 50k/75k/100k/250k our total income now are at 3m plus daily donate. Check us out befor you join:)

Best time to join are after war season cause I kick at least 5-10 member a season for not helping in war.

Requirements to join: MUST FIGHT IN WAR or will get kick

Min of 75k plus donations daily.

join us if you like to be in an very active WAR Alliances.

** Write your in game name here I will invite you when we have free spot thank***

We have open a new team 2 day ago Call Rising WarriorZ and looking for active War member only come join us. 

Name: Rising WarriorZ (lvl21)

what I need from you: must be active in War and donate lvl70+ with 75k donate or more

Offer: Knight+ Archer 24/7 Orge or canno in war plus you have a change to move up to Rising Warriors(Lvl 54)

My IGN: Saleem.com/fire1964

write you name here or message me to join thank ??


we are now lvl 58.