Roaring Lions alliance CAN NOT PROLONG the pyro/arb/doomgate boosts

So after the short sever maintenance, I heard that some alliances can now prolong the pyro/arb/doomgate boosts (if they got it last war ofc) because the war start-day was delayed for a few days (that we don’t even know what is the point).

But Roaring Lions alliance still can not prolong them, it means we will lose them during war.

We fought hard to get them last 2 seasons, we cost bunch of alliance gold for champ/shield, we used a lot of scroll to win and get them for our advantages and now is FG playing us??

I hope I could get the answer ASAP for this case. Thanks


This is incorrect, no one should be able to prolong these boosts.

Would you have the names of the Alliances?

Thanks for replying, as far as I know, Apocalypse can prolong them ~5 days more

Yes apocalypse did prolong it… we dont know about others… but of course others can prolong it too… fg should give all alliances option to prolong


what game are you guys playing :slight_smile:  

If some alliances can prolong and others cannot then war wont be fair


Apocalypse cannot prolong them either.

I suppose that prolong to 1700 CET when the war is started


Yeah, but thing is - we are relatively poor alliance, so, we prolong boost only for 2 days at a time, and keep them at 1-2 days mark.

RL prolonged boosts before FG changed the season rules, they hit the limit, which is - day 3 of the upcoming season. (5 days total, so, 3 days without boosts).

Apocalypse prolonged boosts after the previous maintenance, and so, when we hit the limit - our boosts covered whole 5 days of war.

Basically - FG need to let RL and other alliances affected, prolong boosts to the new limit, as now everyone who didn’t hit the previous limit could cover the whole season ._.

We posted pictures… are you still saying no one can prolong

some more proofs …

Espanoles can now prolong them further as well… 

How U get this screens?

One screen is in spainish, a the other is in English…

excuse me? i dont really get it

He asks friends in other alliances? O_o The one with Apocalypse boosts I provided by myself ofcs.

Fix this problem… it is not fair at all for other alliances who can not prolong

also pls dont forget that froster/mummy/garg nest boosts will be gone during next war for us as well, and i bet other alliances will still have them 


I’m not saying that you’re lying, because if this is true then indeed must be explained.
Just wondering how you got screen from another alliance

Thank god it is almost weekend. I’m sure Flare will fix this bug and not just give another big finger to, let’s guess half of, all alliances.

I asked for the picture and information, thanks.

… Right …
Friday, so they will not want to move butt to fix it