Roaring Lions - RL is actively recruiting

Roaring Lions is looking for active soldiers to participate in an alliance with all three new elite boosts, including the doom gate.


What we’re looking for in prospects:


* Active players who can commit to several directed attacks on targets during Alliance Wars

* A desire to improve their game play on offense and defense

* A player who is willing to share their ideas with the team

* King level between 80 and 95 (but willing to consider otherwise on a case by case basis)

* 4700+ trophies

* Regular donations of 250k+


What you can expect from us:


* A dedicated team of attackers who strive for scroll free raids and improvement on their own defenses

* A team that will share with you the best strategies to beat other elite bases

* Elite boosts for arb, archer, wolf, knight, mummy, gate, spikes, wall, cannons, and ranged bombers.

* Earning 1000s of gems in each day of the alliance wars :slight_smile:
* A fun, yet competitive environment, where we come together and fight tooth and nail


If you’re interested in joining the winner of the 1st Alliance Wars against both Immortal Legends and Vanguard Legion, then send me a line and let’s talk.


Even if you are lower on the ranking scale, we would still be interested in having you try out if you are very active player.  Hope to see some of you in game!



please count me inn…send me an invites.