Robin Hood Festival

I think this would give players some great new equipment. I drew the equipment, so enjoy! Helmet, Cape, Shoulder Pads, armor, gloves, boots, and the all new ranged hero weapon!!! Special Gold boost items, that go with the Robin Hood theme!! Players unlock Green and Brown color scheme!!! I can upload 3 pics at a time so it’ll take a few more posts to give you more info!

Robin Cap.PNG

Robin Pads.PNG

Robin's Bow.PNG

Please ignore misspelled words lol I was in a hurry to write them down. I was a little excited  :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

3 more. I have one more

Robin's Gold.PNG

Robin’s Lucky Boots!!

If you are wondering “why a Robin Hood festival?” then let me explain. This year is the 235th anniversary of the book!!

I don’t see the belt and the ring (preferably with piercing aura).

Great idea. Just make sure to copyright those designs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a ring and belt, but I decided to leave them out for flare to figure out LOL. I made them. The ring had Farmer perk and gold boost. The belt had Swordrain boost and extra health. But I like your idea of the Piercing Aura. That sounded AWESOME


but no scream boost that would suck , great idea i hope flare include ur item maybe add some scream and it will be perfect

Very Nice!

Could you draw a hot picture of a princess in this sort of costume  but with a nice cleavage 

Well, thanks. I’m not great at drawing people, and to be more specific, not great at girls lol. That’s really my weakness in drawing

? Below three pictures don’t match. 

@mLordPk LOL, the picture on @Macamus profile is not of Macamus. It’s Dwight Shrute

But its weird


I’m not saying that its his/her pic. Just pointing that its a male dp. (A female prefers a female dp)  :wub:

Haha wow had no idea there even was genders on profiles.

My feminine side might have been prevailing while I signed up maybe 

are you that girl with the youtube channel

Is there just one girl on YouTube? 

okay, can we please get back to topic, thanks