Rookie is looking for a boot camp

Hello kings & queens,


I just started this game a few days ago and really enjoy the

concept of “tower wars”.

This isnt my first game in this genre, however it is on a mobile device.


For a boosted learning & growing experience I search for a low-power, yet

growing alliance with leader who know how to lead & teach.


My current Castle is at an average level of 4.5 (throne room 4, Gate 5, Academy 4, etc.)

with 750 - 775 average Trophies in my chamber.

I am online several times a day and currently fighting in the silver league, prob.

reaching gold tomorrow.


English or german language are both fine, please no other than that (can understand spanish,

but its only basic knowledge).


If you need any more information or anything else, feel free to give me a note.



welcome to the game! im always welcome to teach and train my members. unfortunately we are full right now but ill keep you in mind when we have a space available