Royal Battle 1 - Froster vs Pyromancer

:crown: Kings and Queens,
It is time for a battle and to decide who is the better troop AND WHY?
Pick your favorite and let us know why in the posts! You could win 250 gems! :diamonds:

Froster vs Pyromancer

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the best troop is the pyromancer, his firepower is really overwhelming against the towers, destroying them in seconds beyond his special that generates a powerful dragon actually able to sweep everything in front of him.

IGN: RA_Gomes11

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Currently the ice dragons are the best, most defenses are weak on ice.

GN: whiteRen

Pyromancer, no doubt… Most of the towers are weak against fire…

Moreover, Let’s compare their traits:

  1. Pyromancer has got almost double hp and damage than that of Froster at the same level…
  2. Pyromancer has got bigger damage range than Froster…

Basically, Pyromancer has more health, more effective damage and bigger range… Won’t that make pyromancer stronger???.. Of course it does… Pyromancer wins…

You Don’t meddle with fire… :fire::fire::fire::wink::wink::wink:

Plus: Captain America was contained in ice for 70 years and guess what? He didn’t die… If he were in fire for 70 years then… well, there would not have been Captain America to begin with… Technically, ice preserves, and fire kills… So, fire (i.e., pyromancer) wins…

IGN: GrimScythe2001

I think if we let them get close and personal we could get really powerful troop… I don’t know maybe we call him or her blizzary fire (just came up with this) and let him destroy everything on his or her way. It would be like Queen Amidala and Darth Vader … and we could get someone like Luke or Leila … nice :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
IGN: Tommy1709

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The simple answer, they both suck.
Drago is better because its faster and best towers are weak to ice. (skull and gargoyle)



Frost dragon :dragon_face:, are the best:)
Been playing 6 years already :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:
Never won anything lol

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Pyro is far better. Its quite hard to summon an icedragon as the froster does very little damage.

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Boosted Froster is better. Prefer the dragons.
They slow all down while my other troops sweep everything out
IGN: Parasite2689

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For me the pyromancer is the strongest, he does more damage (whether pyro or dragon) and he has more health.
The advantage of the Froster is to slow the enemy troops and the hero … but overall the Pyro is more powerful … we can say that the fire melts the ice

I work in Paris and I can tell you that unfortunately fire really destroys a lot things when it attacks them, I think, notament to Notre-Dame

Even if it’s only a game, the fire prevails


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the pyromancer is better , because he seems rich and handsome guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just joking i prefer pyromancer because i love fire
my ign : Michel Anjello from sleeping lion :blush::grin:

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Froster no doubt … yes long for dragon but far exceeds pyromancer … yet I loved them … froster froster and still froster
Ign Théo le boss de babi

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Pyromancer moves slowly but its range and power are devastating.
Just like " there’s a calm before the storm ".
" Have you ever seen (not the rain but) hellfire
Comin’ down on a sunny day? "
IGN:me king me

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Pyro is much better than froster.

Fire melts ice and pyro dragons rain devastating fire on the enemy.

IGN: lilrascal

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The point is, the reason for you want them - Offense or Defense?

Use Frosters, always perfect in defense to slowndown enemies and when forged to attack, are very deadly. Froster bases are very deadly!

Use Pyros in Offense, if you want to do a real battle. Fire dragon is very deadly. Most towers are weak against fire and therefore, pyromancer becomes invincible.

The winner is “FOR WHAT YOU WANT”

Fire melts ice
Ice vanishes flames
If you use them perfectly
You alliance not gonna blame

Haha just a short madness…

IGN: King Aditya Kumar
Alliance: The Lost Sheep

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Best Troop = Froster

Defensively, Frosters are more useful than Pyromancer. They slow down enemy kings and troops.
Ofensively, Frosters are currently the better troop because the most dangerous towers (boosted Gargoyle Towers or even Skull Towers) are week to ice. Some of the most common beasts (Howl and Growl) are also weak to ice.

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Pyromancer is far better than the Froster, his firepower is really overwhelming against the towers, destroying himself as something beyond his special that is a powerful power to sweep everything in front of him.


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Froster is greatest as it’s boosted dragon destroys all the strongest towers including skull gargoyle towers and bombs etc. and troops which comes infront of it rest towers which are unaffected like firebolt and lightning are one shot by spells . while pyromancer is great as it do lots of dragons and heavy damages to lightning and fire towers and troops. so I say both are great at their points.
IGN: Shivam The Lord

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I prefer Pyromancer because it seems to give more damage and takes longer to die. Also, because my armor causes a lot of ice damage. The fire damage looks like it beats more powerful towers, like the one of flexas.

IGN: Dennis Cavalcanti

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