Royal Battle 1 - Froster vs Pyromancer

IGN: Enlighten Ones
In Froster vs Pyromancer,I prefer Pyromancer.

well both have it’s advantages & disadvantages.most towers has fire weakness,but many main defence troops has ice weakness.overall pyro’s fire will deal more damage to everything than froster’s ice.but forster will also slows everything down other than damage.forster will only cost 3 morals while pyro will cost 4 but pyromancer has better health and damage than froster.

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In defenses Frosters ability to slow can be a important factor to slowing down an attacker. Sometimes being the deciding factor as they try to escape.

In attacking another castle the pyromancers hold the advantage of better damage and boosted the pyromancer dragons tend to do better.

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Froster is better,slow down units like werewolf 'cause they are very dangerous. Dragofroster boost can summon an ice Dragon that destroy skull, gargoyles and bombers tower, spike trap is weak against ice dragon too, also beat primal howl and growl quickly. Dragofrosters the better choice.
Ign: ZackFair-PRCF-FFVII

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My favorite is the Pyromancer

He deals more damge and looks more dangerous and the new skin is :heart:

and with the dragon-war-boost the dragons in the air and fly and fly to attack and clean the way :+1:t3:

IGN: Jesper der Erste

Pyromancer is the better troops.
becuase the dragon to be made with it sooner than froster dragon, and has a higher health point “HP”, And during an attack, we can make more dragons by pyromancer than froster dragon.
Thank you
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Pyromancer has more useful forgings.

For a head start dragon Pyromancer is way better than Froster.
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I love froster
They slow everything.

IGN : Super Sugar

IGN: Sir Lancelotte 1
Pyromancer fire is greater than ice.

Lets compare them, on the basis of everything [ everything I can remember is done actually ]
We will give them 1 point on every round
Total Rounds -

  1. Troops weak to their respective attacks
  2. Troops resistant to their respective attacks
  3. Towers weak to their respective attacks
  4. Towers resistant to their respective attacks
  5. Health
  6. Attack
  7. Attack rate
  8. Special Ability
  9. Speed

So, lets get started…

  1. Troops weak to their respective attacks

Pyromancer - 6 Viking, Monk,Mortar, Mummy, Canon, Froster
Froster - 5 Paladin, Gargoyle, Pyromancer, Werewolf, Necromancer
So pyromancer gets 1 point, if we just add up the percentage of their weakness then,
Pyromancer - 475% [ canon, froster, mortar 100% each, viking 75%, mummy and monk 50%]
Froster - 350% [ necromancer, pyromancer both 100%, werewolf 75%, gargoyle 50%, and paladin 25% ]
so from here also pyromancer is clear,
pyro 1 - froster 0
2. Troops resistant to their respective attacks
Pyromancer - 3 gargoyle [50%] pyromancer [75%] werewolf [50%] total percentage - 175%
Froster - 2 viking [50%] froster [75%] total percentage - 125%

So, froster wins the round, since the less resistance, the better

Pyro 1 - Froster 1

  1. Towers weak to their respective attacks

Pyromancer - 6 arrow tower [ 300%] barricade [200%] frost tower [100%] firebolt [250%] lightning [250%] basilisk [50%] total percentage - 1150% [ do I have to go any further?? ]
Froster - 3 skull tower [100%] gargoyle tower [100%] blockade [100%] total percent. - 300%

So winner is pyromaner [ by a huge margin if u ask me ]
Pyro 2 - froster 1

  1. Towers resistant to their respective attacks
    Pyro - 0 [ lol thats funny ]
    Froster - 1 lightning tower 75%
    So, froster wins this one
    pyro 2 - froster 2

  2. Health

Pyromancer - 6500 [ according to fan wikia ]
Froster - 3320 [ according to fan wikia ]
So, pyro wins this one…
Pyro 3 - froster 2

  1. Attack

Pyromancer - 714 [ according to fan wikia ]
Froster - 390 [ according to fan wikia ]
So pyro again wins this one…
Pyro 4 - froster 2

  1. Attack rate

Pyromancer - 0.50
Froster - 0.75
So froster is the winner here
Pyro 4 - froster 3

  1. Special Ability

Pyromancer - Fear
Froster - Slowdown
I m going with froster here guys, because I dont see much fear induced troops, by pyro but I see almost every single troop getting slowed down by froster, no biased decision…
Pyro 4 - froster 4

  1. Speed
    Pyromancer - 1.73
    Froster - 2.25
    So froster is the winner here
    Pyro 4 - froster 5

Sorry, but froster gets the trophy here, though it was a quite a close battle, and if u speak in terms of strength only, then its pyromancer.
Both are good in their own ways, and a combination of these two might be deadly…
If we add range, then froster wins that and no change, most of the values taken from wikia…
PS - I originally, intended to just do on pure strengths, but then I remembered watching a FB [ Flothaboss ] video on towers, and so I decided to do the comparison like this, as a kind of, tribute of him, we Love u FB, and we miss ur videos…
But u know, the troop is not strong, unless its a strong plan, nd so the way they r used is far important than these stats…
Hope u like it, it is hell long, and took a hell lot of time to write… from next time I will stick to pure strengths:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy:

Hi all Revolters - my two cents on the whole Froster v. Pyromancer debate in short is Pyro is superior. Why you might ask?

Some of it comes down to preference and what you face in each battle but when looked at in general ultimately it is really simple arithmetic. Let’s look at some of the attributes and compare:

1. Attacks on Towers- When it comes to attacking the Pyro is far superior, even when you take into account such factors as a lower attack rate (0.5 v. 075) and things like the spawning rate (4 v. 3 morale points). The Pyro and Froster attacks when corrected for various tower weaknesses and resistances and attack rates shows that the Pyro does more damage to 9 of 12 towers and obstacles and many of them significantly so. The only ones Froster has the edge on Pyros is Skull and Gargoyle towers and Blockades. That edge is max 60% more damage comparatively and both are relatively low. Compare to the edge Pyros have on numerous towers, in some cases up to 17x more damage and adding up damage to all towers, over a 2:1 edge. Not factored in is the increased HP of the Pyro, meaning more of them are going to be alive to do damage in battle so that tips the scales even further.

If you were up against a base loaded with Skull & Gargoyle Towers then Frosters would be the way to go, but reality is most bases utilize Firebolt, Skull, Lightning, Snake, Heal and Basilisk towers - at least in the upper levels - and 5 of 6 of those are best impacted by Pyros. Add in obstacles and Pyros are better at 2 of 3. A no brainer.

2. Attacks on Units - Pyros are superior here too. Adjusted for attack rate, weaknesses and resistances, Pyros give more damage to 10 of 15 Unit types - several of them significantly. Basilisk is basically a draw and Frosters give more damage to Necros, Werewolves, Pyros and Gargoyles. Again, if the base you are attacking is loaded up with these types of units then you might want to consider a Froster, otherwise Pyro is the best choice. In higher levels one sees a lot of Werewolves, Ogres, Necros, Cannons, Vikings, Monks and some ranged attackers like archers or arblasters. Pyros deal best with the majority of these.

3. Health - Pyro 6500 v. Froster 3320. Even when factoring in spawn rates in favor of Frosters, your Pyro is going to be able to absorb about 50% more damage than Frosters. Dead units help nobody.

4. Special Abilities - to me this comes down to preference. Neither of these abilities (fear or freeze) are particularly effective against stronger, higher leveled units. Perhaps Frosters can slow one down, but they die more easily and freeze doesn’t last for long. I would rather spend my points on a monk, necro or werewolf if we are talking defense. Also, sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. If no units are alive to need slowing down that is success.

5. Upgrade Times and Costs - Highest Level Pyro costs $77.5M v. Froster at $80.925M. Upgrade time is just over 39 days for Pyros and just over 49 days for Frosters. Win for Pyros.

6. Miscellaneous - Frosters beat Pyros in speed (2.25 v. 1.73) if that is a consideration but both are relatively slow. Personally I want to keep my Pyros out of the front lines so they stay alive so slower works best for me. Frosters also beat Pyros in range (5.70 v. 5.00) but only marginally so. As it relates to Dragons, as many have indicated here already, when using Pyros you get far more Dragons wreaking havoc as recharge rate is higher. I attribute that to HP and attack damage. More Pyros alive and dishing out more damage means more Dragon Pts. which means more dragons. Nuf said.

So, to sum it up, Pyros not only cost you less and you can upgrade them faster, but once you have them they are not only tougher to kill, but dish out more damage to opposing units, towers and obstacles. If opponent bases are set up to favor the use of Frosters (e.g. Skull towers, Gargoyle Towers, Werewolves, Necromancers etc.) then Frosters are superior otherwise go with Pyros. Neither Pyros or Frosters are particularly good in defense at upper levels in my opinion and for many of the reasons people favor Frosters, those benefits are far outweighed by the benefits of Pyros.

My two cents for what they are worth - or one and half cents Canadian! Cheers! :v: :beer:

IGN: MisterBurns

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