Royal Battle 2 - Ogre vs Necromancer

:crown: Kings and Queens,
It is time for another Royal battle and to decide who is the better troop AND WHY?
Pick your favorite and let us know why in the posts! You could win 250 gems! :diamonds:

Necromancer vs Ogre

:boxing_glove: RING RING! GO! :boxing_glove:

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IGN : Rahool007

My Favourite : Necromancer

Reason : She is the most powerful Female troop at the moment. She is beautiful yet deadly. Her presence itself gives shock to the whole body and mind. She is confident and capable enough to take down any army with her mini skeletons. I feel chill in my bone everytime I face her.

IGN: Parasite2689

Necromancer is the better one here.
If played right her infinite armor of troops will hold back ant troop. Delay and weaken them enough. And just in time she will release a final blow with her Thunderstruck. A deadly combination I would say

IGN: King Aditya Kumar

If we have to see, which is better, let’s compare one by one.

  1. Health: Here ogre is better, because it don’t die easily in battle (offense). It struns the troops and towers near it, when boosted. Necromancer, on the other hand, is weak in this part as it dont have much health. It dies easily in offense.
    Ogre-1 Necro-0

  2. Attack: Necromancer is best. Due to the Necromancer’s lightening damage, necromancer becomes an effective damage troop. Ogres are good but their low strike rate makes them weak. Pushing of ogres makes it even weaker as it further reduces the strike rate.
    Ogres-1 Necro-1

  3. Special Ability: Ogres have no special ability. Ogres stunns the enemies only if it is a boosted one. On the other hand, Necromancer have two extra abilities. One is spawning skeletons, which can be very deadly if in huge armies. The second ability is extra lighteining damage, which is very effective against troops and towers.
    Ogres-1 Necro-2

  4. Resistance against towers: Ogres are really weak against Firebolts and Lightening towers. One of them can destroy a huge army of ogres. Necromancers are weak against Skull towers and high damage towers. It is resistance to lightening towers. Both have some weakness against something and are really effective against some.
    Ogres-2 Necro-3

  5. Working against troops: Ogres are effective against low health troops and really weak against high health troops. boosted ogres are effective against all troops and structures.
    Necromancer is effective against all troops and structures. Its ability to spawn skeletons is very deadly and effective.
    Ogres-2 Necro-4

  6. Ranged Attack: Ogres are capable of ranged attack and can attack ranged towers. Ooops, Necromancer have no ranged attack.
    Ogres-3 Necro-4

  7. Combos: Ogres can be mixed with several combos with werewolf and can be highly effective against all bases. Necromancer combos are very less. It works only with special combos.
    Ogres-4 Necro-4

  8. Defensive: Necro is strong if boosted but weak if un-boosted. Its ability to spawn skeletons makes it deadly in defense. Ogres, due to their low strike rate are weaker. Even boosted ogres do nothing. They can be easily killed.
    Ogres-4 Necro-5

So, finally, we have the score. OGRES-4 NECRO-5

Necromancer is the WINNER! It was a close call, but still necromancer wins.

My suggestion: Use necromancer in defense and Ogres in Offense. (Very effective and deadly).

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IGN : Super Sugar

I love necromancer.

When she is boosted. She is really strong.
She protects my gold from enemies :slight_smile:

And i like her skin


  1. Ogre for Offense: Ogre is economic in terms of morale boost, as compared to necromancer. Also, Ogre has major damage against any troops and towers. Ogre is one of the very few troops that can withstand the mass gargolyes’ attack without dying. Moreover, Stunning Ogre is best for stunning troops and towers, buying more time to destroy them.

  2. Necromancer for Defense: Necromancer is the best defense troop I have come across so far. Her skeleton troops are equally strong. She is very difficult to kill, and her skeleton troops penetrate our offense troops to reach the tent, if we fail to kill necromancer by mistake. In simpler terms, she acts as a malware…

However, if only one can be selected , I have to go with ogre, as it is both great for defense and offense… Necormancer is only great for defense…

So, Ogre wins…

IGN: GrimScythe2001

Necromancer :rr2necromancer:
The Necromancer is great with strong lightning that hits the enemy and his skeletons make fast damage to buildings + units. You can not expect more from a single unit. :+1:

The look with and without skins is awesome and the aminations in the game are nice to look at! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


IGN: Jesper der Erste

IGN: minibulle

He is always in a bad mood like grandpa, but he does not hesitate to use his great mass to break furniture. Everyone passes him his nonsense because he regularly saves the life of the hero.
He could have chosen a career as a bean and pea seller like the canned giant, but in fact he prefers to be in the service of a hero.
Do you see how mom can scream loudly if you do silly things and even scares everyone Daddy? Barley is the same when he is angry, except that he is all green and his spankings are a bit worse.

Ogre’s Fetish Phrase: I’m hungry … do not you?

She is a cool, funny and sociable woman. She does not need a hairdresser because her pillow gives her a new cut every morning.
The problem with her is that she is stubborn and she buries people alive in her garden.
She tries to shoot down enemy troops … especially those who wear white socks.If plan A does not work … don’t panic, there are still 25 letters in the alphabet.

Fetish phrase: If someone says, “I’m dead laughing,” let him die.

because of the skeleton
iGN: Miaad The FatalMan

Necromancer is better.
IGN: eric guo

IGN: Look A Bear!!!

Ogre is the far superior troop when compared to the Necromancer and here is why:

  1. Necromancer is only strong on defense. I know of no one that uses her on offense. Offense she moves too fast and is too vulnerable plus if you want a small army of troops just take boosted knights which are way easier to spam on offense vs a necro that you got to constantly micromanage or pull back. As a defender she gets the benefit of werewolves in each wave BUT… her full potential of bolts combined with her slow attacks (even under a howl) is minimal at best. You pick her for the endless skeletons she produces which is not bad, I use one in 4 separate waves myself paired with a wolf until my morale in waves 6-9 gets to 40 then I am swapping out.

  2. Ogre. You can pick him on defense OR on offense. He is a siege machine and hits AOE vs minions quite readily. On defense paired with a wolf (now really, if you put a ogre in your wave without a wolf it is a waste), he becomes a smashing machine that is next to impossible to dodge even with nearly 100% run speed (I tested it and could not dodge it). You get a ogre/wolf combo and you know you are going to take serious damage outright, plus if any troops are near or next to you… they are going down. TWO ogres/ONE wolf is beastmode and must be dealt with or it holds the whole army back and wrecks it, a necro with a wolf cannot do the same as easily and over time dies faster then the ogre.

—Offensive ogre is a beast again pair with a wolf or heck you can even use wolf pet and gain the benefits. He is used much more then the necro on offense, again I know of no one that actively uses the necro on offense, and has a TON of hp. His empowered stun is amazing and does way more damage overall then a necro. He hits TROOPS for full and as a living siege engine he hits for 1936 at level 6 which is easily obtained at a moderate level in the dungeon by mid range players (85-95) and requires NO real gold to upgrade, just forges. He caps out at level 8 hitting for a staggering 2345 (BLUNT) with 16,610 hp pre forge up to 22k with 20 hp forges makes him a BEAST. STUNNING ogre at level 6 grants 85% hp boost for a total of 40,700 hp on top of 100% stun.

Ogre is a team player both on offense and defense. Necro is just a defender at best. BOTH are quality but until you have at least 40 morale in your waves to do ogre/ogre/wolf vs necro/wolf or necro/monk, it is not worth it but let us face it at this point in the game at least 3 of your waves are 40 and they will grow over time.

The winner of this contest is easily the ogre. You may be able to rapidly get the necromancer to max level via gold but mid game and long term is what the game is about. 2345 blunt damage @ 100% on siege alone does 4690 damage (throw in a wolf and you go nuclear) compared to a necro whose damage is normal.


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Necromancer is great in term of defence which gives a high voltage shock to enemies and making skeletons who have power to eat enemy and when wolf howls there’s no way to stop necro while ogre have slow and low attack rate and no special abilities. so necro is the winner
IGN : Shivam The Lord

IGN : Enlighten Ones

My Favourite : Ogre

Even boosted Necro is only good in defence while boosted ogre with stun effect good in defence as well as offence.also ogre is blunt damage which is most effective type of damage in game,army of boosted ogre with wolf is just unstoppable,and at last also ogre cost less morals,only 12,so if I have to choose,I choose ogre.

btw i never won anything in forum events ! ! !

IGN: Qwirkle

Favorite: Necromancer

Reason: More versatile than the ogre. More enemies die with necro than ogre (in my experience). Necro also has adds. Also ,Ogre is also NOT sexy at all. If you think it is, you might want to get some outside help.

Well my favorite is NecrOgrencer.
And it is First and Final.

IGN: LukasV24

Ogre because they smash

Necromancer, why not revive??? Hahaha

IGN: rodrigotrop

IGN : BoundingLeaf285

Lets analyse based on some features.

A) Predictability
1. Necromancer will attack without leaving any doubt.
2.Ogre is not predictable as Necros, cause it will just stand even when the target is before him. To make him more useful scream and howl is used.
Necromancer more useful.

B) Attack
1. Necros have higher attack rate than Ogres.
2. Ogres do blunt attack but Necros can do 2 types attack. Normal and Lightning.
3.Necros deal more damage to enemy as it can attack and create skeletons to attack.
Necromancer clearly wins.

C) Movement
Necros move faster than Ogers.

D) Destruction
1.Necros attack all troops and towers but leave out lightning and firebolt towers. Can attack barricades (Skeletons do a good Job) but walk over the spikes and get’s damaged.
2.Ogers destroy every thing before moving forward. Destroy Spikes, Firebolt and Lightning towers which Necros can’t do.
Ogers win here.

E) Weakness.
Ogers weak to piercing only.
Necros weak to piercing and ice.
Ogers win here.

F) Boosts
For Ogers its an additional feature “Stun” and increase in HP
In necros existing features like Skeletons and Lightning are enhanced. Ogers boost are cheap compared to Necros.
Ogers win here.

G) Morale
Ogers uses less morale on comparison with Necros. So Ogers more useful.

H)Using in Offence
1. Protecting Necros is difficult since it has 2 weakness and damage form spike. Lighting can be deadly but keeping it to alive up to that point takes more skills.
2.Ogers have more HP and have only one weakness. Hero can use scream or Battle cry mitigate the dumbness of ogers.
Ogers win here.

I)Using in defence
1.Necros have high HP. Every delay by hero produces more skeletons.
2.Since no hero to monitor Ogers won’t be much useful.

So for attack I will take Oger and for defence Necromancer.

Ogre is really good on offense, especially when boosted, and much better than the Necro!
However, the Necromancer is more effective on defense because of their high health and because they spawn skeletons which halt offensive troops from passing for a few seconds. Overall, I would say that the Ogre is a better and more fun troop than the Necro

IGN:me king me

Necromancer is powerful … at defense

Ogre has a powerful smash

But the game is to be played online, and online it is all about attack - where the fun resides - , so my choice is Ogre.

(And thank you for this event)