Royal castle guild recruitment


Im new here



Guild info

Guild name: Royal Castle

Guild current LVL: 10


  • a relax, easy going and leisure guild, non pressure

  • our guild aim is just going for the guild bonus features (gold/elite boost etc), atm.

  • suitable for busy real life players (but active) or gamers who had other commitments

  • since this game obviously pay 2 win game, we currently not competing for the top , so both p2p and f2p players are welcome

  • I, myself as guild master will not kick player without any reason if u have good records and respect your interest and commitment for this game


Current members: 6/15

available space: need 9 new members

*there are some old members who have low numbers of trophies but good contribution so i keep them for now. 




  • active , preferably chatty members
  • can use English
  • regardless of your hero level, trophies must at least 1900 or above
  • to be fair to other members, donate gold is a must, or i’ll kick for good those who want free ride.


If any interest to join my guild, u can reply/pm me for appying/ asking question, reserving for your spot (lemme know your ign) or simply apply for my guild in the game and i will choose…

Thank you


welcome and good luck with your recruiting!