Royal Champion Facebook post

In my view this game needs a royal champion earning extra skulls like it needs a hole in the head.

If a player’s account is on multiple devices will all be allowed to play.

Is there no time limit how long he can play?

If so is it clever strategy or cheating to install on 8 devices and play it 24*7

Can an alliance play on 8 devices at the same time?

I post the question here not because I want to do it, it’s because I don’t.

I want this idea out there so it’s not seen as a clever strategy it’s commonly known.

I’m sure flare has worked all the loop holes out and has clever plans to prevent abuse and will explain to us on release date :wink:

You can share your account on several devices. But you cannot play at more than 1 at the same time properly. If you’re logged in 2 devices and you start a raid on one of them, and then start another on second one - when you would end your first raid - you would get discronnected without any rewards, while second one would go as planned.

so rich people playing on any devices  :rolleyes:

That is still very easy to overcome and the champion will gain many skulls cuz 4-5 different person playing the account , no sleep account cuz the user rotates

Thankyou fii for clarifying… My point is I hate cheating… So is this cheating or are we going to boycott this option through choice…

I think it is cheating but at least I’ve shared the idea… So it’s not just those in the know who can exploit this.

I hope all alliances are preparing for this loop hole as no one has indicated this is cheating.

So wrong though :slightly_frowning_face: