Royal_Empire - Level 18 - English - Hero Lvl Req : 55



Rank : 695


Current alliance status :

Gold Bonus : 24%

Tax Bonus : 10%


We’re looking out for members who are passionate for alliance wars to win elite boosts or war boosts by the end of the war.


Why? Elite/War boosts would improve your offence/defence experience and best of all, it doesn’t cost anything except to be the top 3 in the war!


Requirements :

  • Above 1800 trophies
  • Hero at least level 55
  • Donor of at least 50k


We also offer opportunity to members to be promoted by fulfiling certain criterias such as being a very active participant in wars, donating daily and providing opinions and strategies for the war.


We also provide advice and tips on improving your base as well as raids. Just don’t hesitate to ask if you got anything curious or doubts.


We only activate elite/war boosts when necessary during war.


Are you on the same path as us? Do you think you got what it takes?


If so, just join us and let the fun begin!


UPDATE 28/12/2015!!


The alliance is currently full, stay tuned for any vacancies in the future.



2 slots remain!


We just got 2nd place, elite boost Arblaster and Pyromancer!

My stats are just a bit below required, but I upgrade every day and am very active, I’m sure I will be within your requirements soon. I’m looking for an active chat and experienced players to help me be the best I can.


You have been in for a while and have joined us for an alliance war.


Loving this alliance so far? :slight_smile:

After merging with this alliance we have a pretty solid core of 20 people, we do well in wars.